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Our tech department will tell you what you’re really getting

General Steel will never be undersold on an apples to apples building. If you have a price on a steel building from another company send it to us prior to the time of contracting and let the most experienced tech department in the industry review it. With our buying power it’s next to impossible to get a better price, but if you have us review your quote at least you will know exactly what the other company is planning on delivering to you.

General Steel Price Match Program

Step 1: Send Us the Other Quote

You can send the other quote to us by email, message us on Facebook or @gensteel on Twitter or simply use this contact form below. You can send it to us in any legible form including PDF, Word or even a photo from your phone.

Step 2: Apples to Apples Quote Review

Our expert estimators will review their quote against our quote and discuss any differences we find with you.

Step 3: Price Match

If their quote matches our quote apples to apples including codes, quality and warranty we’ll match the price.

Step 4: We’ll Even Throw In

Our 50 year warranty
Our 40 year paint warranty
Our 90 day price lock
FREE Project Coordinator
Superior customer service
A local contractor meeting

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Please complete this short contact form and attach the other quote. We will contact you once we have conducted an apples to apples comparison.
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