Steel Building Prices

What influences the price of your steel building?

How much does a metal building costIf you’re a first-time buyer, you may be asking yourself “how much does a steel building cost?” While we are able to provide you with price ranges for planning purposes, steel is a complex commodity and there are several factors that affect the cost of metal buildings.

Why the Cost of Metal Buildings Differ Drastically

What does a metal building cost? Well, the cost of a steel building can change drastically from company to company due to estimating accuracy, purchasing power, current sales, and other various promotions. The cost of metal buildings can even change day by day if an unexpected price increase hits the global steel industry due to a spike in demand, lack of supply, or world affairs.

Can You Find an Accurate Metal Building Cost on Price Sheet?

When it comes to the cost of metal buildings, one common misconception is that there is one standard price for each building size. When our customers ask us how much does a steel building cost, it is common to ask us for a “price list” or “catalog of prices,” like you see in leading shed brand advertisements. While we understand why a first time buyer may come to expect a standard list of steel building costs, generating an accurate list of metal building costs for each building kit would require a daily estimate of every size in every zip code throughout the United States.

Just Give Me an Idea: How Much Does a Metal Building Cost?

Prefab metal buildings have evolved from basic boxes typically found throughout industrial complexes into completely customizable structures designed to accommodate a wide variety of components in not just the United States but also across the globe. Each building requires different amounts of steel in order to create a structure suitable for the intended use and location. To give you an idea how much a metal building costs, below are four popular building sizes and the cost ranges typical of each size.

  • Steel Buildings for Sale
    15' x 20'
    $8,600 - $14,600
  • Steel Buildings for Sale
    30' x 40'
    $14,900 - $20,900
  • 40' x 60'
    $21,000 - $28-000
  • Steel Buildings for Sale
    50' x 100'
    $34,000 - $42,000

3 Factors the Affect Cost of Metal Buildings

No matter where you are in the process of building, your team at General Steel will make sure you understand what your building will cost according to current steel prices and what we expect the price to be should you decide to postpone your project.

How is the Final Price of a Building Calculated?

There are six primary factors directly correlated to the design of a steel building that influence the price. While some factors are relatively similar from county to county, other factors can result in a uniquely designed and estimated building for every customer request, as outlined below:

Steel is a Globally Demanded Commodity

Similar to other commodities such as oil, coffee and copper, the steel used to create your building is bought and sold in the global marketplace. Metal building costs are determined by supply and demand just like any other commodity long before its price is ever written into the quote you receive. Below is a simple demonstration of how supply and demand influences steel prices. Global changes in steel prices directly impact prices in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world.

Factors the Can Cause the Price of Steel to Rise or Decline

Supply and demand is economics 101, but what factors are you aware of that could influence the price of your building? Below are a few factors that you may become aware of on the news that can change the global supply and demand of steel.

  • Other Construction Projects

  • Natural Disasters and Rebuilding

  • Value of the American Dollar

  • Economic Booms and Depressions

As you can see, if there is a tsunami in Japan resulting in an increased need for steel in order to rebuild, this event could result in supply being lowered significantly while demand quickly rises. In this scenario the price of your building would most likely increase.

How much does a steel building cost with General Steel?Careful Who You Have Estimate Your Building

Since steel buildings are custom designed according to use and engineered for specific locations, there are numerous areas where estimating errors can occur. Whether or not the error is a honest mistake doesn’t matter, either way your building will most likely cost more after the error is realized. General Steel has the most experienced staff in the metal buildings industry and for over 20 years private individuals, churches and some of America’s largest corporations have called the General first because of our company’s history of delivering buildings on time and on budget.

Where Your Steel is From Affects Pricing

As you’re well aware, imported products from other countries often results in lower prices than American made products. When you purchase a television you it may not matter to you where it was produced, but a metal building is not a product that you should settle for anything less than a well known brand that you know uses American manufactured steel. Your project is simply too important and your building needs to last for generations.

General Steel’s 100% American-Made Steel Buildings

General Steel only supplies American made buildings and have never provided a lesser quality structure in order to gain higher margins. Our brand has grown to represent the highest quality metal buildings available that last, evidenced by our buildings standing strong through natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

The Purchasing Power of the Company You Choose and Your Steel Building Cost

High Economies of Scale = Buying Power

The steel buildings industry is no different: the largest companies have the most buying power and can pass savings along to their customers. Therefore, when you choose to work with the industry leader General Steel, you gain access to the highest buying power, which effectively provides the best price for your building.

How Much Does a Metal Building Cost?
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