Riding Arenas Provide Shelter and Space

Riding a horse in the outdoors is not always practical due to space limitations or adverse weather conditions. Even in warmer climates, equestrian centers need a protected area for their wash stalls, tack rooms and a place for the horses to get out of the elements. As a recognized leader in the steel building business we have the experience you need to design and provide you with the protected space you need. At General Steel we can provide fully or partially enclosed high quality steel riding arenas and barns for any use.

Why Build with Steel?

Prefabricated buildings are becoming the structure of choice for riding facilities worldwide. The economy and flexibility of metal buildings over more traditional forms of arena construction are very attractive to equine owners and investors alike. However the economies of scale are not the only important consideration, equestrian centers are subject to adverse weather conditions such as tornadoes in many areas across the country and traditional construction methods don’t compare when it comes to standing through a storm.

General Steel Buildings

General Steel provides low cost, top quality, and highly adaptable steel riding arenas at a fraction of the price of more conventional buildings.

Most owners and operators considering the purchase of a riding arena find their top priorities are project economy and space efficiency. A steel riding arena from General Steel can be designed to fit into your budget and give you the size building necessary for all activities required. General Steel riding arenas are specifically designed and engineered to be durable.

Maintenance costs are substantially less than the upkeep required with other ordinary construction methods. Erection of General Steel riding arenas is fast – minimizing expenses in boarding animals at other locations until the project is complete. General Steel riding arenas bolt together, are weather stripped, and are engineered to withstand the elements in your area helping protect the investments housed within your building.

Customized Spaces

General Steel can accommodate almost any specialized layout required for your riding arena. A General Steel riding arena is free of interior columns allowing maximum clear space for instructional classes or competitive riding events. General Steel riding arenas are designed to accommodate your particular requirements for livestock stalls, pens, even office or storage space. A wide variety of doors, windows, and exterior panels of brick, stucco, and rock can also be added to customize your building to your exact needs. Choices of insulation to help interior climate control and skylights for brighter working space are among other adaptable options.

Equestrian Buildings

Equestrian sports have become more and more popular over the past several decades. Therefore, the need for a specialized space for horse owners to board and maintain their horses has become an increasing need.

General Steel buildings are perfect for riding arenas because they are 100% customizable and can be added onto easily in the future as your business or personal needs increase.

Custom Designed Riding Arenas

The space required by equestrian centers differs with every facility built. So, our team will custom design your new riding arena according to your facilities unique needs and this is why General Steel is a choice provider for riding arena buildings. Below are two example floor plans from recent riding arena projects that our team has worked on.

If you see a floor plan below that is exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will design your new building with that floor plan in mind.

However if you don’t see your perfect plan, let our design experts go to work for you and come up with a perfect space for your needs.

Equestrian Example Floor Plans

Equestrian Floor Plan 1

Equestrian Floor Plan 1

Equestrian Floor Plan 2

Equestrian Floor Plan 2

General Steel Equestrian Buildings

General Steel takes great pride in its reputation in offering among the highest quality steel riding arenas in the world. Thousands of satisfied customers have made us a leading supplier of steel buildings throughout the world. If you want a high-quality building from a company you can trust, look no further than General Steel.

An Arena is More than Just an Investment

Whether you plan to construct a riding arena for personal use or commercial events, your riding arena is more than just an investment. For many equestrian center owners, their riding arena is something that they are passionate about because it not only provides an effective space for their hobby, it’s also symbolic of their lifestyle.

General Steel has provided hundreds of riding arenas for both equestrian companies and personal enthusiasts, our team can take your vision and make it reality while you benefit from all of the advantages our buildings will give your riding arena.

Advantages of Your Riding Arena

General Steel Brand Advantages


No matter what size your facility, General Steel’s riding arenas can be completely customized to suit your requirements. General can accommodate affordable clear-spans of up to 300 feet in width – a task very difficult and expensive using other non-steel materials and building systems. With no need for interior columns you will be able to take advantage of greater flexibility in the design and layout of your riding environment. General Steel buildings are also designed to be expandable. It’s easy to add more square footage as your requirements change and your facility needs to grow. If your arena needs to be only partially enclosed we can engineer your building easily to accommodate open walls.


A General Steel riding arena will withstand the weather elements and pests. Your arena will provide years of service and require minimal maintenance. Steel riding arenas are fire resistant, helping to minimize the risk of fire damage. Contact your insurance agent about saving significant premium costs by investing in a steel riding arena from General Steel.


General Steel riding arenas are very economical buildings. When you compare the structures you can save time and money over other construction methods and materials of similar sized arenas. Steel riding arenas also require less maintenance and repair, saving you more money over the life of building.