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School Overcrowding Infographic
How Are Schools Fighting Overcrowding?

Administrators are dealt a tough hand as budgets must be met and procedural hoops be jumped through before constructing new facilities. One strategy for fighting overcrowding is busing students to surrounding districts. This strategy puts a tremendous strain on students, who are less likely to participate in school activities, and parents, who are less involved with their child’s education because of the added distance.

The most common strategy for fighting overcrowding is the use of temporary classrooms. These present several problems when compared to a permanent structure. They deteriorate at a faster rate, are less durable and have worse ventilation systems that can lead to health hazards for students and teachers. Technically, these temporary classrooms increase a school’s capacity. But it’s been found that in many cases, class sizes remain inflated even with the installation of portable classrooms.

Steel School Building Design

Steel is Safer

Overcrowded schools suffer the greatest wear and tear, and outdated buildings are not equipped to handle the physical demands of a bloated school enrollment. Steel is the leading framing material for buildings and infrastructure in North America because of its durability. Steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio means it’s able to withstand the most extreme natural elements while also limiting time spent on maintenance. Overcrowding is a serious issue that should be addressed with serious solutions, and steel buildings provide a sustainable path to improving the educational environment for our country’s students.

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