9 Ways You Can Organize Your Workshop

Putting projects together in a disorganized workshop can be frustrating and time-consuming. Getting a workshop organized is oftentimes stressful and overwhelming, so the workshop stays messy, and you often have to stop in the middle of working on your project to organize your workspace enough to let you continue. Here are some tips on how to get your workshop organized to let you work on your projects without clutter.

How to Organize My General Steel Workshop
Pictured above is Andy's General Steel workshop. "I’ve always wanted a big shop, my dream come true. I get so many compliments on Facebook when I post pictures of my shop. I'll always recommend General Steel."

Separate What You Use

Another pile should be devoted to tools you never use. If this tool has been sitting in a box for months without being touched, unless it is some highly specialized piece of equipment, it needs to go. Keeping tons of tools that you do not use for the “just in case” will just lead to unnecessary clutter. You can donate those tools to charity, sell them in a garage sale, or for the more expensive tools, sell them online. Now you should be left with only the tools and materials you need and will use. Having these set clearly aside will help you determine exactly what your shop needs to make it organized.

4 Simple Ways to Add Shelves

There are tons of different ways you can set up shelves in your workshop, depending on your personal style, needs, and budget.

How to Build Workshop Shelves
Photo credit: ana-white.com
Organize Your Workshop with Open Shelving
Photo credit: polishedhabitat.com
Organize Your Workshop on a Budget
Photo credit: makezine.com
Organizing Spray Paint in Workshop
Photo credit: anyonecandecorate.blogspot.com
Organizing Your Workshop with Peg Board
Photo credit: makezine.com and pregnantpower.blogspot.com

Organizing the Little Things

The tools have been sorted, but you still have tons of little odds and ends to get organized.

Organizing Cords in Your Workshop
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How to Organize Wires in Workshop
Another way to organize your cords is by attaching them to alligator clips and hanging those clips off a piece of twine. Photo credit: lifehacker.com

Organizing Small Tools in Workshop

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