How to Buy Your General Steel Metal Building in 7 Steps

Step 5: Openings and Estimates

With the help of your project coordinator, you will determine the size and location of all of the openings for doors and windows. You will also select the insulation needed. You will receive cost estimates for each selection, and you may make adjustments based on your budget and design requirements. Nothing is final until your approval.

Accept and Approve

Once these steps are agreed upon, you will sign to approve the building as designed. Your project coordinator will then submit these openings and options along with the building design to engineering to produce the anchor-bolt plans necessary to release the building for fabrication.

Steel Building Manufacturing Process

Step 7: Schedule Delivery

Work with our team to arrange the delivery of your building. We suggest that ahead of time, you make sure you will have the necessary equipment such as a forklift available to unload the building. It’s also important to to discuss any delivery obstacles like narrow roads you may anticipate with your project coordinator so we can inform the driver.

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