Steel Horse Barns Can Look Like Pole Barns

Custom Designed for You

You’re going to be working a lot in your new building, so it should be as comfortable and efficient for you as it is for the horses. Steel buildings give horse owners the design flexibility that wood pole barns can’t. You know your routine. A steel building can be designed to make your work process as efficient as possible. If you want to add features, steel buildings can be easily modified and added on to. Part of that flexibility is due to the clear span architecture of steel buildings. Column-free interiors provide wide, open spaces that give you plenty of room to maneuver as well as the ability to easily change your horse barn plans.

Pre Engineered for Easy Assembly

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a steel building for your horse barn is how quickly it can be assembled and erected. All General Steel buildings come pre-welded, pre-drilled and pre-punched at the factory. A General Steel building is ready to be assembled when it arrives on-site, which means avoiding delays and staying on schedule. With the help of a General Steel Project Coordinator, your horse barn can be up and functioning within days.

They'll Eat Your Investement

Raccoons, possums, mice and rats are all familiar pole barn pests. These animals can cause significant damage to your facility as well as you horses and their feed supply. A steel building effectively wipes out any chances of these nuisances wreaking havoc on your barn. The precise and consistent construction of steel buildings keeps your barn free of the gaps these rodents need to enter. And more aggressive animals, such as raccoons, won’t find any luck trying to gnaw through steel like they might through a wood structure. Keeping your horse barn free of these pests is important in maintaining a sanitary and safe environment for you and your horses.

50 Year Warranty Standard

For more than 150 years, steel has been one of the most reliable building materials for structures big and small because of its durability. General Steel only uses prime steel components in its buildings, which are able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. And unlike wood pole barns, a steel building is noncombustible. Most wood pole barns aren’t even considered permanent structures. A steel structure is designed to last and is usually backed up with a lengthy warranty. Steel buildings also come with minimal maintenance, whereas a traditional pole barn can mean expensive and time-consuming structural maintenance.

Bring Your Horse Barn Plans to Life!

It’s time to stop thinking about how to build a pole barn, and start thinking about how you want to design your steel horse barn. Efficiency, cost and durability are all factors in the decision to go with steel. But the safety and comfort of your horses are at the top of the list, and steel is the best plan to satisfy their needs as well as yours.

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