Combining Natural and Artificial Light

Good, appropriate lighting makes all the difference whatever the type of building, and steel buildings are absolutely no exception. The intended purpose of the structure, it’s size and the height of the ceilings, how much natural light is present – all of these factors need to be considered in coming up with the most appropriate lighting set-up. In this article, we take a look at how LED lighting can be used to help your metal buildings reach their full potential.

LED Lighting Options for Steel Buildings

Lighting Options for Steel Buildings

These factors as well as others make them a fine option for illuminating steel buildings. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of LED lights out there that are suitable for this type of setting.

Hanging LED Lights in Metal Building

Hanging LED Bulbs

A popular option for steel structures, due to their cost effectiveness and ease of replacement, these lights also readily utilize LED bulbs. Like all LED lights, hanging LED bulbs are eco-friendly and require minimal power consumption. They also last longer, requiring infrequent replacement, and due to their robust design, will hold up under all weather conditions – very important, seeing as your steel structure will probably be situated outside and won’t be as well insulated as your home.

T8 LED Lights In Metal Workshop Building
Mobile Lights

If the work done in your steel structure demands attention to detail and thus some especially good lighting, you may want to supplement some of the aforementioned lighting options with mobile LED lights on stands.

LED Panel Lighting Over Steel Sports Facility Field

LED Panel Lighting

Also a good option for steel buildings, LED panel lights are found in offices, warehouses, stores and sports facilities as seen below. These lights provide general, as opposed to targeted/focused lighting, but that doesn’t make them any less effective in contributing to a more productive work environment. Indeed, due to their natural lighting effects, cost effectiveness and longevity, LED panel lights are one of the most suitable options out there for a metal building.

Metal Building Skylights and Wall Lights
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Arthur Smith is a LED and solar lighting enthusiast and the owner of LEDwatcher.com, and independent blog on all things solar energy and LED technology.

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