Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Win

Steel Buildings vs. Fabric Buildings

But despite that success, the Denver Broncos practice facility was subpar when compared to other NFL training facilities. The team had no indoor practice facility since the 2003 collapse of the previously used “bubble,” which meant inclement weather often forced the team to bus players and coaches to an athletic training facility less suited for a training camp that includes more than 90 NFL players.

Denver Broncos Fabric Practice Building

The Broncos Fieldhouse

That changed in 2014, when Broncos management unveiled the Broncos Field House, a three-story, 115,000 square-foot steel building. Because steel buildings are easily customizable, the indoor practice facility, now named the UC Health Training Center, includes a regulation NFL playing field (with the height to fit real NFL goalposts!), locker rooms, a media studio, indoor/outdoor VIP viewing areas and even a team store.

Old versus New Practice Facility

Broncos Old vs New Practice Facility

The old practice bubble was abandoned in 2003 when the fabric was torn off by a microburst. 

Denver Broncos Steel Building Practice Facility
More than Just a Practice Facility

Besides those benefits, the UC Health Training Center could help lure valuable free agents and host official NFL events. The steel building includes locker rooms for two teams, making it an obvious choice for training camp scrimmages against other NFL teams. Broncos President Joe Ellis has also mentioned hosting a NFL Combine event.

Broncos Training Facility Aerial
A Proven Winner

Broncos management did their research before making the decision to design and construct a steel building that appears less like a barn and more like a modern home to one of the most successful professional franchises in the country. Because steel buildings are cheaper to construct, easier to customize and provide more versatility than traditional construction methods, the Broncos were able to go the extra mile and build an athletic training facility that will stand the test of time.

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