• Commercial Steel Frame Buildings


    If you’re managing commercial space for several businesses, you understand that each business comes with its own set of circumstances. You...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs
  • Modern Industrial Buildings


    With more businesses manufacturing their products and storing inventory in their home countries, a growing number of businesses are starting...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs
  • General Steel Warehouse Building


    General Steel understands that your storage needs can be complex, and the space you need for warehousing and the management of your...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs
  • 30x40 Building with Optional Components


    A 30×40 metal building is a very common size and typically fits a variety of building uses. The 1,200 square foot interior can easily...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs
  • 40x80 Building with Optional Components


    Our 40×80 metal building kit is versatile enough to be a modest agricultural building or profitable warehousing space. You could even...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs
  • 40x100 Building with Optional Components


    Our 40×100 metal building package offers 4,000 square foot of column free, uninterrupted space. Among the most popular applications for...

    Sizes, Prices and Specs

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