• Storage Buildings

    Storage Buildings

    Prefab steel storage buildings from General Steel are the modern solution for all of your storage needs. The strength and durability of...

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  • General Steel Outbuildings


    One of the great advantages of steel buildings is their versatility, and perhaps no building type exemplifies this more than an outbuilding....

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  • 20x20 Building with Optional Components


    A 20×20 metal building gives you the space and versatility you need to store supplies and equipment, build a home office or transform a...

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  • 20x24 Building with Optional Components


    This 20×24 base building package can feature numerous customization possibilities. Depending on the type of access you need and what you...

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  • 20x40 Building with Optional Components


    Our 20 x 40 metal building kit is an easy way to expand your personal real estate assets with a new garage or workshop. This versatile...

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  • 24x24 Building with Optional Components


    Our 24×24 metal building package is as durable as it is versatile. This building differentiates itself with its all I-beam construction,...

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