Steel vs Wood Barndominium

Traditionally, barndominiums have been constructed from timber in an attempt to maintain the long-established barn aesthetic. However, it may be news to you that a steel building kit can be customized easily to mimic the look of a conventional wooden barn. This allows the homeowner to realize all of the benefits a metal building provides over wood without compromising the sought after barndominium look.

Steel Barndominium Costs

  • $20-$31 per SQFT for materials
  • $10-15 per SQFT for concrete
  • $7-$12 per SQFT for erection
  • $40-$160 per SQFT for interior finishes

Wood Barndominium Costs

  • $95-$125 per SQFT for materials
  • $5-8 per SQFT for concrete
  • $7-$12 per SQFT for erection
  • $40-$150 per SQFT for interior finishes

Top 3 Barndominium Sizes and Prices

What size do you need for your barndominium? With General Steel you have an unlimited number of size options that can be customized to in both look and functionality. The floor plans for all of these designs are only suggestions for what you could do with the space provided by the barndominum kit. As for interior finishes, we suggest you review these 34 incredible barndominium interiors build-outs to determine how you would like your barndo to look.

30x40 Barndominium Price
The overhang pictured is not structural. Many steel barndominium owners will construct overhangs with timber like the one shown after completing the steel portion of the building.
40x60 Barndominium Price
This 40' x 60' design consists of 40' x 40' residence along with a 20' x 40' garage or flex space area.
60x70 Barndominium Price
This design is essential two separate buildings. The garage space can be added during the construction of the residence or sometime in the future.
Getting an Accurate Price Quote

We engineer your building kit according to your location, accurate pricing for materials, concrete and erection is dependent on the unique factors of your location. Price ranges are for the building system only, it does not include doors, windows or other options. Complete our simple 3 step price your building form to request a detailed estimate.

*Price ranges for building systems, concrete, erection and other construction services can vary depending on the location and building size.

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