26 Gauge Steel Building Siding

Faux Stone, Rock and Brick Siding

We understand that for some customers the traditional look of a metal building does not fit the landscape or sometimes even some municipal requirements. Therefore, we developed a way to give your steel building the look of stone, rock or brick for a fraction of the cost.

GenStone Siding for Metal Buildings

Stucco, Masonry Brick and Shiplap Wood Siding

If you have room in your budget or if required by local ordinances, you may want to consider a less traditional siding option for your building. Some non-traditional siding alternatives include multiple stucco applications, shiplap wood and masonry work such as brick and concrete block walls. Lets explore these alternate siding choices and how each one can be accommodated by your building system.

Stucco Panels and GenStone Siding

Blending Siding Options

The Crossfit fitness center pictured above features both insulated stucco panels as well as GenStone stacked stone siding. Combining siding materials like this creates a compelling mix of textures as well as a professional appearance for businesses who rely upon curb appeal to attract customers.

Shiplap Siding for Metal Buildings

Planning is Key

Your metal building system can be designed to host virtually any siding imaginable, but it is important to let us know up front how you plan to finish the exterior walls of your building. That way, we can deliver an accurate price and work with you to decide what will fit into your budget.

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