Metal Building Colors

Choose Your Color Scheme

Choosing a Metal Building Color Scheme

Metal Building ColorsAfter you determine what type of metal building kit you need, it’s time to customize the look and functionality of your building. Here we will focus more on the aesthetics of your building, which primarily involves choosing your metal building colors.

More specifically, selecting a trio of options from our color chart below creates your metal building color scheme for the roof, walls and the trim.

Interactive Metal Building Color Chart

The interactive infographic below contains only the most popular colors selected by our customers to create their metal building color scheme. To see how a combination of colors looks next to one another, simply click the names of the colors below the pie chart to select and deselect building colors.

Expert Insight: Metal buildings are no longer constrained to simple design options. The colors displayed on this page are only the most popular. There are numerous other General Steel building color charts available and you can see an example of others color schemes in our photo gallery.

The Location of Your Steel Building Colors

Choosing which colors will appear where is an important step in the design process with General Steel. The colors you select can make your building unique while also complimenting surrounding structures. Since there are so many metal building color schemes and color charts to sort through once you purchase your steel building, our team is trained to help you determine the best color palate for your project even if that means choosing a custom color that is not featured on this page.


Metal Building Color Schemes: Roof


Metal Building Color Schemes: Sidewalls


Metal Building Color Schemes: Trim

Metal Building Colors from the Chart to Your Steel Building

Our customers tend to select their steel building colors based on one of the following three color combination definitions.


Colors that are shade or tint variations of the same hue.

Monochromatic Steel Building Colors

Colors across from each other on a color wheel.

Complimentary Steel Building Colors

Colors located adjacent to each other on a color wheel.

Analogous Steel Building Colors


  • Depending on your local municipality, the colors you select for your steel building may need approval before fabrication of your building.
  • The colors you choose should match or compliment existing structures especially if you are attaching to an existing steel building.

How We Help

  • Your project coordinator at General Steel has experience working with local municipalities if you need help.
  • Our team has worked on thousands of projects and can consult with you to recommend complimentary or matching colors.

General Steel Paint Warranty

No matter which paint colors you select, your building will be covered by General Steel’s 40 year paint warranty.

This in addition to the General’s 50 year structural warranty are the longest and strongest warranties offered in the industry.

Paint Warranty

Colors on General Steel Buildings

  • Metal Building Colors: Burnished Slate
    Burnished Slate
  • Metal Building Colors: Charcoal Gray
    Charcoal Gray
  • Metal Building Colors: Crimson Red
    Crimson Red
  • Metal Building Colors: Fern Green
    Fern Green
  • Metal Building Colors: Gallery Blue
    Gallery Blue
  • Metal Building Colors: Hawaiian Blue
    Hawaiian Blue
  • Metal Building Colors: Koko Brown
    Koko Brown
  • Metal Building Colors: Light Stone
    Light Stone
  • Metal Building Colors: Polar White
    Polar White
  • Metal Building Colors: Rustic Red
    Rustic Red
  • Metal Building Colors: Saddle Tan
    Saddle Tan
  • Metal Building Colors: Ash Gray
    Ash Gray
Metal Building Color Schemes
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Metal Building Color Schemes
Choosing your metal building colors is an important part of the design process. Not only does the color scheme you choose personalize your building, it also helps reflect solar heat according to the paint's solar reflectance index (SRI).
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