How General Steel Began

In 1995, General Steel founder Jeff Knight saw an opportunity to build a brand name in the steel building industry from a small office in Littleton, Colorado. So he emptied his savings account to buy one radio advertisement to run over the weekend for his new company, General Steel. With a radio spot on a nationally recognized program, Knight expected to gain some traction.

However, as he walked into his modest office space in the Ken Caryl Business Center hoping his investment had paid off, the phone sat silent. That was when Knight received a call from Ken Caryl Water and Sanitation District offices, located in the same business park as the General Steel office space in Littleton, Colorado. They told Knight their phones were ringing off the hooks with people wanting to know more about General Steel!

The radio spot had run with the wrong toll-free number, but by a stroke of luck, it was for the office down the street!

Jeff Knight's Favorite General Steel Building
Our Corporate Clients

General Steel has provided steel buildings for the White House on multiple occasions as well as buildings for Boeing, General Motors, Dow Chemical, Disney, NASA, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Oklahoma State University and the United States Air Force Academy; 54 brands in all, across 26 industries and in 14 countries throughout the world.

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