About General Steel

if you need space…you NEED the General!

Becoming the Most Recognized Brand

Quality, Service and Reliability

Over the past two decades General Steel Corporation has become the most recognized brand name in pre-engineered steel buildings by successfully completing thousands and thousands of projects. Our competition will tell you that all steel buildings are comparable, but if you look around you will see our peak sign on metal buildings built for some of America’s largest corporations, the White House and maybe even your neighbor’s garage. Our peak sign represents a General Steel brand building, and signifies the highest quality steel buildings available in the market today.

Evolution of our Brand

We have evolved from a steel building supplier into full service construction project company known for our customer satisfaction and wide range of successful projects.

Steel Buildings and Other Project Related Services

General Steel offers the most comprehensive line of pre-engineered metal building services in the industry. We are truly a company that can offer you the solutions you need and guide you through a successful project beginning at inception through the completion of your construction project.

Core Competencies

Our company specializes in evaluating where you are at in the process of building and recommending the most effective solution that will make your project a reality. For some of our customers this simply means designing a building efficiently for an intended use and delivering the highest quality steel building. On the other hand, some customers need to draw from our company’s experience and receive a more comprehensive plan of action. The fact is, no matter where you are in the process of completing your project, General Steel has a solution for you.

General Steel Metal Buildings

General Steel brand buildings are recognized throughout the United States and abroad as the highest quality pre-engineered buildings available. We have designed and delivered buildings for projects of all sizes.

From one car garages to major business expansions for some of America’s largest corporations, General Steel brand buildings are perfect for any use or application and our team has the experience to make your project a true success.

Pre-Construction Services

If you are still in the planning phase of your project, our pre-construction packages are an extremely popular option because they offer an affordable way to effectively plan and execute your project. Our team works under the expectation that your pre-construction package is only successful upon the delivery of your building. These services are designed to take your project from inception through the completion of construction by providing a zoning and code review, floor planning, 3D renderings and a comprehensive cost analysis.

Construction Services

General Steel has the most extensive network of local general contractors in the steel building industry. Our network of contractors are local to you and available to all General Steel customers. Our contractors can provide competitive pricing for concrete work, erection and even turnkey solutions. General Steel’s contractor network is also available to you anytime in the future if you need any other scope of construction work performed on your General Steel building in the future.

Versatile Metal Building Solutions

General Steel buildings are for virtually every application, be sure to visit our building types page to find your unique solution.

Why Choose General Steel?

Our Team Values Your Project

At General Steel we understand that no matter how big or small your project may be, who you decide to trust and guide you through your project is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Every project we work on at General Steel is the most important project. Therefore, your project no matter the scale will receive the full support of every member of our team and we will make sure it is a success.

Why General Steel is the Industry Leader

Focus on the Customer

Our company’s rapid growth has been a result of not only a high demand for the buildings we supply, but also our methodical strategy focused on serving the needs of all of our customers no matter where they are in the process of building. Our team is experienced and highly trained in evaluating and meeting your unique needs with a steel building solution.

Our Team and Products

Many competitors have come and gone because no company has been able to compete with why thousands and thousands of people choose General Steel when it’s time to build. Some of the reasons why General Steel has maintained its position as the industry leader is outlined for you below:


Many of the key individuals who will be guiding your project have been with General Steel since the company was founded two decades ago. These team members have worked on thousands of projects throughout the United States and even abroad.

There is simply no way to duplicate the experience our team has collectively gained and will be employing to ensure that your project is executed effectively and economically.

Superior Quality

We have never compromised on quality, the buildings we supply have always been consistent with our brand image. Other companies in the industry will supply a lesser quality building in order to gain additional profit, these buildings are often from China or Mexico and are not subject to the quality control guidelines we have in place in the United States.

Your steel building should be around for generations and if you want to make sure your building will last, don’t settle for anything less than a General Steel brand American-made pre-engineered building.

Competitive Advantages

When you work with the leader in the pre-engineered buildings industry your project will benefit from certain advantages only available through General Steel.

Other steel building companies have tried to imitate what makes General Steel different but the truth is, no other company in the industry can deliver our competitive advantages.