• Rapid Transportation is building a 40x80x20 General Steel auto shop today! posted on Sep 16 | 2 hours ago
  • LGO Oil and Gas is building a 50x100x17 General Steel building in Wyoming! posted on Sep 15 | 21 hours ago
  • Scott in Jacksonville, Arkansas is finishing up his 30x44x12 General Steel garage today! posted on Sep 15 | 2 days ago
  • Mike in Scottsdale, Arizona is starting to build his 55x25x14 shop building today! posted on Sep 12 | 4 days ago
  • Jeffrey in Minneota, Minnesota is building his 50x93x22 General Steel shop today! posted on Sep 12 | 5 days ago

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Steel Buildings & Metal Buildings

The General Steel Brand Difference

Brands are only effective when the company delivers a consistent level of quality product and service time after time. In the steel buildings industry many companies have come and gone because they were unable to consistently deliver on quality and service. Unfortunately these unknown brands and companies continue to appear and disappear and the customers these companies abandoned were left to deal with an inferior building alone, assuming the project ever did break ground.

Start Your Steel Building Project with Trust

General Steel has remained the most trusted brand name in pre-engineered buildings for over two decades because we successfully execute projects and have never compromised on quality or the service we offer our customers. Our team is second to none in the industry, you simply will not find a company more dedicated and focused on the successful completion of your project.

Whether you are building a one car garage or expanding a large business operation, your building should last for generations and your project should be overseen by experienced professionals. When you choose to work with General Steel you can expect to receive the highest quality steel building available and a team of professionals dedicated to making your project a true success.

The Numbers You Won’t See on Other Quotes

Buildings Since 1999
Day Price Lock
Year Structural Warranty
Year Paint Warranty

Brand Quality

Over two decades General Steel Corporation has built the most recognizable brand of pre-engineered buildings throughout North America and abroad. A General Steel brand building widely recognized for its use of only the highest quality American made steel materials that always reflect the General’s brand image of uncompromising quality and attention to detail.


As the leader in steel buildings, General Steel offers its customers certain advantages unmatched by any other steel building company. These advantages include:

  • Industry Leading 50 Year Warranty
  • Price Lock Protection Program
  • The Most Experienced Project Coordinators

Other companies will claim to match these unique advantages, but can you really trust anyone else to deliver like General Steel?

Design Versatility

No other team can make your project a true success like General Steel. Our team will design an economical and perfectly suited pre-engineered steel building for your specific use. Whether you need an aircraft hangar, storage space or a large warehouse for your business, no other traditional construction application is as versatile or adaptable as our steel buildings.


The combined experience of the team at General Steel who will be working on your project is essential to the success of your project. No other steel building company can match what our team has gained by successfully completing steel building projects of all sizes throughout North America and abroad.

Most importantly, our team knows your area and will supply you with a building that will stand up to historic storms. Your project is too important to trust any other company to execute it effectively and economically.

Historic Durability

General Steel supplies the highest quality and most durable metal buildings in the industry and our team pays proper attention to the codes and loads for your area upfront to ensure your General Steel building will stand up to even the harshest storms. This fact was reinforced when our buildings were still standing after two of the most powerful storms our nation has ever seen.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the top 5 most powerful storms in the history of the United States, this storm was classified as a category 5 with a top wind speed of 174 mph.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive storm of the 2012 hurricane season, Sandy was classified as a category 3 with a top wind speed of 115 mph.

We called General Steel because we wanted strength and Sandy’s 90 mile gusts proved that we had it.
Albert, New York

Learn More About General Steel

Over the past two decades General Steel brand buildings have become the most recognized name in pre-engineered steel buildings throughout North America and across the globe. Established in 1995, General Steel has grown from a steel building supplier into a full service construction project company known for our customer satisfaction and successful projects.

General Steel is the right choice for your project. Simply put, the General has been the most trusted steel building company in the industry among business owners and individuals over the past two decades.

The Pioneer of the Steel Buildings Industry

The General was the first and is still the industry leader in the metal building industry because we offer our customers unmatched advantages through our corporate office that make construction projects economical and a true success. To learn more about the benefits you will receive when you choose the General’s brand of pre-engineered buildings for your upcoming project, explore our competitive advantages pages.

A Leading North American Commercial Construction Company

General Steel offers the most comprehensive line of pre-engineered metal building systems and services in the industry. From estimating to design, procurement, shipping and project management, the specialized teams who will be assigned to work on each aspect of your project are comprised of the most experienced professionals in the industry. General Steel is truly a company that can offer you the solutions you need and guide you through a successful project from inception through completion of your construction project.

The Most Recognized Brand

General Steel is the most recognizable brand name in the world for pre-engineered metal buildings. Many businesses and individuals, both domestic and international, rely on General Steel’s custom designed prefabricated metal buildings for anything from storage buildings to sports arenas.

If your upcoming project is too important to settle for anything less than the highest quality metal building, then you need the industry leader General Steel.

The Most Awarded Brand

General Steel is the most awarded brand name in the steel buildings industry. As a company our team has supplied over $1 Billion in buildings to businesses and individuals since our founding in 1995.


General Steel Corporate Headquarters

News from the Industry Leader in Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

General Steel is widely recognized as the leading brand of steel buildings across America for both business expansions and personal projects. Our experience guides our customers through their projects and we have established the most trustworthy source of ongoing industry information in order to best inform our customers. Take a minute to see what our company has been up to recently and learn why a steel building is the best choice for your upcoming construction project.

309, 2014

Steel Buildings Are Becoming Mainstream

Steel buildings are more popular than ever. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. If you’re looking to invest in a new home, warehouse or steel building in between, you’d be surprised what the material, construction and labor costs might be when compared to more traditional building methods. As more […]

2608, 2014

Do You Know This About Steel

NYC Dumpster Steel Being Repurposed for Homeless
New York City homeless are benefiting from a steel repurposing project aimed to bring shelters and temporary homes to people in need. This isn’t the first city in the world to do this and it won’t be the last, but surprisingly, New York […]