Space Comparison

A garage usually refers to a building that houses vehicles. If you have a car collection, a fleet of company vehicles, or need more room for your personal vehicles, a garage likely is your best option.

Garage Layouts

A garage layout does not require as much customization as a shop layout because open space is usually the highest priority. While equipment and tools are considered in the design, the primary function of the garage is to safely store vehicles and machinery. One of the benefits of a steel building is clear span framing, allowing for column-free space to accommodate your vehicles.

Space Comparison

A workshop refers to a building that is equipped for personal projects. Carpenters, mechanics, engineers, and artists use workshops to draft plans, build and refine projects, and store equipment and supplies. If your tools have outgrown your personal garage, a workshop likely is your best option.

Shop Layout

The primary difference in the two building types is the layout. A shop layout is highly customized to reflect your specific operations. The placement of tables, benches, tools, bathrooms, and entertainment options are taken into account as you create a space where you can work efficiently and in comfort.

Garage and Shop Combination Layout

What We Discovered About Garages, Workshops and RV Storage

If you need more space, a metal building is the perfect solution for your needs. But defining what you plan to do with your new building is essential in order to take advantage of the customization options available to you. We learned that while our customers were looking for a “garage”, the survey told us that a customized space is exactly what our customers are looking for.

What Else Can You Do with Shop Layouts or Garages?

The beauty of personal garages and workshops is that they can be used for any number of jobs or hobbies. If you’re annoying your family with your newfound love of the guitar, take it out back to a personal music studio, where you can play and record at any volume. If brewing beer is your passion, find some more space and gain more control of the process in a home brewery. Is your family in town? Keep everyone comfortable by building a guest house. The possibilities are endless, especially considering the customizable properties of steel buildings.

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