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Make sure that the company is financially strong, debt free and that structure is covered. Also check that the paint is warrantied.

The majority of other companies only offer a 12 month manufacturers defect warranty.  That does not give the consumer any peace of mind.

We can offer a 50 year warranty because we make sure that the buildings are loaded properly, and we also will be around long enough to honor our warranties unlike a lot of the industry.

No you do not.  Our warranties are included on every building.

The General Steel paint warranty is 40 years.

The General Steel structural warranty is 50 years.

General Steel offers a 50 year structural warranty, and a 40 year paint warranty on the baked on Kynar finish that is on the steel sheeting.

Yes we do, you can see them here.

The basic building includes everything that you need to put it up.  Steel sheeting for the roof and sidewalls, primary and secondary framing, bolts, I-beams, rafters.

We can get you our brochure and a standard features document to answer most of your questions.  If you have more technical questions that need to be answered, give us a call and we’d be glad to assist.

Yes you can.  A lot of customers don’t want to miss out on steel pricing but they need to start with a design package first.  We can lock the building pricing in and start the design package at the same time.

Once you get towards the end of the process, we would be glad to get one of our builders involved.

Yes you can, that is what the site and code review portion of the package accomplishes.

You can make as many small changes that are necessary to that particular project.  Only two “major” changes are allowed (ie: switching the building from a church to a movie theatre instead, going from one story to two stories etc)

Let us know and we will just do a rendering package for you.

If you are in the planning stage of a building project and perhaps getting financing, you are going to need a lot more than just a building.  We walk you through the preliminary stages so that you know that your building project can happen smoothly.

Yes you can, but the price is much better as a package.

Yes we can refer you to other architects and engineers that you may need.

The design package includes a preliminary site and code review of the property, floor planning, Full color 3D renderings, and a 300 line item cost analysis that shows how much your entire project is going to cost.

The design services package is a great tool to help our customers when they need help with preliminary design work, and help with business plans, churches, and other project that require a lot of planning.

Yes, we’d be glad to get you in contact with them.

Yes you can.  We would be glad to get one of our builders to meet with you if we have one that is close to your location.

Give us a call and we would be glad to assist you.

Our buildings can go up anytime of the year.

Yes, we will make sure that you have good ballpark numbers for your erection and concrete before you purchase the building.  You won’t have exact numbers on concrete until you have drawings though.

Give us a call and we will get you over to the best person in that department.

Yes you can have whomever you’d like to put your building up.

Give us a call and we would be glad to assist you.

We’d be glad to refer you to one of our builders that is near your area and they can erect the building for you.

Yes, we have contractor all over the country that put up our buildings and do concrete work as well.

A steel building can still be a loss if it is burnt down.  It is a non-combustible material that is fire resistant.

They go by a lot of different names but primarily, they are called wood buildings or pole barns.

You see wood buildings and pole barns, because those companies are trying to convince you that their product is as good as a solid I beam constructed steel building.  But that is not the case.

You should build with steel because it is a better material long term.  It is a permanent structure that does not require the maintenance that a wood building does.  Especially with the winters that have been happening we have been replacing a large number of pole barns and wood buildings that have come down, or burned.  The steel building is very low maintenance and will last a lifetime.

No, there is no wood in our building.  Pole barns, and wood structures don’t carry the 50 year structural warranty that our building does, and they require more maintenance.

Yes you can.  We have an accessories page, and you can request photos as well.

You’re more than welcome to buy your own accessories for your General Steel building, but we carry items that are commercial grade and can deliver as a package.

Yes you can.  Your project coordinator can get you options, colors, and pricing as well.

GenStone is a faux stone panel that is made for steel buildings.  It saves a lot of time and money compared to hiring a mason to get that stone look on your General Steel building.  It is very do it yourself friendly as well!

There are so many options for doors and windows, its best to talk to your project coordinator about what you’d like.

Yes our buildings are customizable.

Framed openings are cut outs for doors and windows.  They are cut at the factory, and flashing and trim are included so that the opening is ready for a window or door.

Yes we can.  Your project coordinator will talk with you through what options are best for your area.

Almost anything that you’d need for your steel building.  Insulation, doors, windows, vents, light transmitting panels, skylights, cupolas etc.

Accessories are other options that you can add to the basic structure.  You get your own project coordinator that will go over all of those options with you.

Give us a call, one of our associates will be glad to help you.

Yes, we have a 90 day price lock guarantee if you but a General Steel building.

No they do not.  The building bolts together like a big erector set.

We make sure to load the building properly but it is recommended that the customer call your local building department and find out what the ground snow load and wind loads are for your area.

General Steel buildings are simple to erect.  The building is all pre punched, pre drilled, and ready to bolt together.  Simple equipment such as a fork lift or a front loader is all that is necessary to erect the building if it isn’t over 18 feet tall.

Yes we do.  If you want a canopy type of structure we will engineer the building to be open for wind and uplift.

Yes, we have a 24 gauge Standing seam roof option available.

Yes, we can go up to three stories.  Our buildings can go as tall as you need, but there is a three-floor limit.

General Steel buildings only require concrete piers, but you can do a slab if you want to.  If the building is going to be heated or cooled you may want to do a frost wall or a grade beam around the perimeter of the building.

Yes, everything you need to put the building together will be included based on what you order.

If you want to join the industry’s leading team, simply complete the contact form located here or email our recruiter at [email protected] to apply for open positions.

A steel building is for most consumers one of the largest purchases they will ever make. So we encourage our customers to research any company including General Steel with reputable third party resources such as the Better Business Bureau. Also make sure you check out our testimonials page and recent employee reviews pages to see what recent customers are saying about their experience with the General.

What really sets General Steel apart from the competition is our company’s experience, building quality and competitive advantages. To learn more about what General Steel offers your project that no other company can, please visit our competitive advantages page.

Simply complete our contractor application form located here or call our corporate office at (800) 745-2685. After completing the initial application, our builder relations department will conduct additional background research on your company and determine if your company is eligible to become part of our authorized dealer / contractor network.

Yes, General Steel has the largest local dealer network in the industry. You may purchase your building through a local contractor or through our corporate office, but either way you go our contractors are available to provide any range of construction services.

General Steel’s corporate office is located in Littleton, Colorado however we do also have the industry’s leading local contractor network which is available to any General Steel customer. We invite you to visit our corporate office and meet the experienced team who will be working on your project and also ask us to arrange a local contractor meeting if you will need any construction services.

Absolutely! General Steel has supplied buildings for the expansion of some of America’s largest companies including Boeing, General Motors, Disney, Dow Chemical and British Petroleum. For a complete list of companies we have worked with please visit our corporate clients page.

Yes your General Steel brand building comes standard with the best warranties in the industry including our 50 year structural warranty, 40 year paint warranty, 25 year Galvalume roof warranty and 20 year standing seam roof warranty if you decide to construct a Galvalume roof or standing seam roof on your building.

A General Steel brand building is the most recognized name in pre-engineered steel buildings throughout North America and across the globe. When you purchase a General Steel brand building you can expect to receive the highest quality metal building available today that benefits from our company’s unique competitive advantages including our 50 year structural warranty and 40 year paint warranty.

Yes General Steel has provided buildings to businesses, organizations and individuals across the globe. Our buildings can be designed for any location or use and our experienced shipping department can deliver your building economically and quickly.