Steel Building Scams

Informing Our Customers

For an uneducated consumer the steel building industry can be difficult to navigate which is why General Steel is committed to informing our customers regardless of whether or not you choose to purchase a building from us. You wouldn’t buy tires for your car or a new television for your home without exercising appropriate due diligence because a mistake can be tough to overcome when it comes to high ticket items. This industry is no different than any other except for the fact that a mistake in purchasing a steel building can end up costing you thousands rather than hundreds like bad tires or a poor quality TV.

Why Shopping for Steel Buildings Can Be Treacherous

The steel building industry is largely unregulated and in some states such as Florida the customer is not protected by consumer protection laws. Sure there are third party resolution services such as the Better Business Bureau that can in some cases help you resolve an issue but the reality is that once you engage in a cleverly written contract, there is only so much anyone can do to recover any losses you may have incurred.

What Can You Do?

We recommend researching the company you are considering doing business with using trustworthy third party services. These purchase resource avenues can include the BBB as well as third party review collection services that have also collected reviews for other well known companies. To see the other companies a review collection service works with, simply head to the company’s home page and usually you will see logos or other review feeds from well known companies. This is one way of making sure the collection service is trusted by others outside of the steel building industry.

We also recommend sending your written quote to our team for a free apples to apples quote comparison. As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you purchase from General or not, we are happy to review your quote and let you know any place where you may be vulnerable to change orders or any of the other potential pitfalls we have outlined below.

What to Watch Out For

Caution: Consumer Alert

What They May Say to You

“It’s Included”

Whether it’s a deliberate attempt or a mistake made by an unexperienced salesman, you should always make sure that whatever they say is included is actually included in the price. Many companies have room in their contract for this type of price escalation tactic. For example, you many be told that the shipping is included but the reality is the company probably has a way to increase shipping costs due to “external factors” such as the price of fuel. If this happens to you, there will be no way to receive your building other than paying the fuel surcharge.

“We Have a Cancelled Building”

In rare instances, steel building companies may have a building sitting on the ground somewhere near you. However, if they say that they have a “cancelled building” you should be weary. Cancelled buildings is a sales tactic used throughout the steel building industry, if you are presented with this option exercise some due diligence and ask to see verifiable evidence.

“You Can Trust Our Warranty”

In many cases the warranty provided is only worth as much as the paper it was printed on. If the company you are dealing with is not debt free and more importantly hasn’t been in business long enough to make you comfortable, the reality is that their warranty cannot be trusted and if something happens in the future the company will not be around to honor the warranty provided.

“We are the Manufacturer”

This is another age-old sales tactic used by suppliers to make you believe you are actually dealing with the manufacturer. If the company you are talking to offers to “call the factory” or claims that they have just opened a new plant near you, be careful. Opening a new manufacturing plant is a big deal regardless of the industry, there should be some sort of publicly available documentation to verify the claim.

General Steel Peace of Mind

General Steel Peace of Mind

America’s Most Trusted

Shipping Experience

Our shipping department has successfully and economically delivered buildings across the United States, Canada and to Russia, Afghanistan, and even Africa. There’s no location too far or too difficult for our team to effectively deliver a steel building. Just ask if you’re worried, we will supply you with locations near you that we have delivered buildings to in order to put your mind at ease.

Honest Ethical Sales and Transparent Contracts

Every member of our sales team participates in a rigorous and ongoing ethics and compliance program to ensure honest sales practices. Each salesman’s calls are reviewed every day by our management team for immediate and future training opportunities. This daily effort by our team has in our opinion made General Steel the most trusted steel building company in the industry. Furthermore, we have implemented a contract review department tasked solely with answering any questions you may have about our contract before you do business with us. This level of transparency is largely unheard of in this industry.

50 Year Structural Warranty

General Steel was the first company in the industry to offer a 50 year structural warranty and for good reason. We are completely debt free and have survived multiple economic depressions over the past 20+ years. Therefore, as a company given the quality of the buildings we supply and our history we believed that we were in a position to offer the best warranty in the industry. Others may claim to offer such a warranty, but ask yourself if they can truly back it up.

Full Service Commercial Construction Company

We have developed the largest network of qualified general contractors throughout North America in order to provide our customers with construction services during the process of erecting their building as well as after the project is complete. Simply ask your representative to meet with a local contractor in your area or call us any day in the future if you need any assistance with your building, our contractors are just a phone call away.