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Metal Building Prices

How to navigate the first step in your building project.

Our 3 Step Process to Metal Building Prices

Whether you need to expand your business with a new warehouse space or you’re looking for a new personal workshop or garage, there are certain things you should keep in mind when it comes to metal building prices. For over two decades General Steel has been the leader in providing steel building prices because we guide our customers through the entire process of pricing their metal buildings.

How to Price a Building Online

If you’re new to steel buildings, we recommend that you complete our entire easy to follow 3 Step process rather than skipping straight to the online prices step. Here’s why the first two steps in our process are important:

Step 1: Metal Building Kits

By exploring the resource page dedicated to the type of building kit you’re looking for, you can confirm the size you need by reviewing the example floor plans and discover your favorite colors and components in the photos we’ve provided which will lead you into Step 2.

  • Workshops
  • RV Storage
  • Garages
  • Clear Span
  • Barns
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Churches

Step 2: Metal Building Components

If you don’t have time to research your options now, here’s a brief 360º video touring popular building components.

Components to Watch for:

As you take the aerial tour around this metal barn, you will notice obvious building accessories such as roll up doors, walk doors and gutters. If you look closely, you will see other less noticeable components like snow blocks, light transmitting panels and ridge vents.

Metal Building PricesGet Familiar, Choose Later

The components you choose can improve the functionality of your building or simply make it more aesthetically pleasing. Most of our customers wait to choose their components and colors with their Project Coordinator at General Steel, but we recommend getting familiar with the options available to you early on. That way you can decide what you’d prefer in terms of doors, windows and insulation. You can even explore minor details like whether or not you’d like to have a 1’ – 4’ overhang like the one pictured above your man doors to keep the weather out.

Step 3: Price Your Building Online

We know it’s tempting to jump right into pricing that building you’ve been dreaming about, but in order to get your project off on the right foot there’s a few details we need to iron out.

What We Need for Accurate Steel Building Prices

Some of our customers are looking for simple metal building prices while others need us to estimate other parts of the project as well. Lets take a look at what you need to know to price a building accurately and what you should be thinking about long term to plan your project effectively.

What You Need to Know:

Where: Letting us know where you plan on building is essential to providing an accurate building estimate. All we need is your zip code, but that tells us everything in terms of proper loads for snow, wind and seismic conditions. We make sure it’s engineered right, but keep in mind these factors do influence your final cost.

Size: Determining the exact or at least approximate size you need is the most important part of pricing a building. To assist you in deciding what size you need, we’ve provided typical sizes for some of our most popular steel building kits below.

Typical Sizes by Building Type

30′ x 40′

Small Metal Building Prices
Typical Uses:

This size building works well for garages, workshops, homes, storage buildings, retail stores and stables.

40′ x 60′

Prefab Building Prices
Typical Uses:

This size building works well for metal garages with storage, breweries, RV storage and aircraft hangars.

50′ x 100′

Large Steel Building Prices
Typical Uses:

This size building works well for steel warehouses, manufacturing facilities, churches and gyms.

80′ x 150′

Large Metal Building Prices
Typical Uses:

This size building works well for warehousing, schools, riding arenas, sports facilities and commercial buildings.

Find Your Property Before Pricing

You can find out what the setbacks are by visiting your local building department and start deciding what size building fits on your property by using our one of a kind map tool below. Simply type in your address, click zoom and then place your building after entering the size.

Note: This app works best on a desktop or tablet device

Having Trouble Choosing a Size? Don’t worry, our team is here to help! Just complete the form as completely as you can and our team will gladly direct you to the proper size.

What You Need to Think About:

How Are You Going to Build It? Many of our smaller buildings are do-it-yourself friendly while others require the skills of steel building contractors. Either way, through our network of preferred contractors, we can price out any range of construction services you need and provide you with an estimate at any time during the process.

When Do You Plan on Building? There are several important factors that are directly correlated to timing. A few you should pay attention to are outlined below.

Depending on where you live, there may be an optimal time to commence construction.

Price of Steel:
As a commodity, the cost of metal buildings is heavily dependent on the global pricing behavior of steel. Therefore, when you decide to lock your price is directly correlated to your final building price. See our annual steel prices forecast for more information.

The best way to save money on your metal building is not by going with an inferior product, it’s by choosing the company with the most buying power. Make sure to ask you Project consultant if General Steel is running a sale on the size you’re looking for!

If you need space…you NEED the General!

You’re here because you need space and you need the General because we have designed and delivered virtually every type of building imaginable. Thank you for pricing your metal building with us, we look forward to working with you and making sure your project is a success!