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Institutional Buildings for Municipality Projects

The structural needs for institutional organizations ( fire stations, libraries, police stations, and many others) are about as varied as the services they provide. General Steel has the correct solution for any steel building application and can provide your organization with an affordable, efficient, and low maintenance solution for all of your requirements. A steel building from General Steel is the optimum solution for organizations needing to expand or build new facilities, offering the flexibility, economy, and speed that cannot be matched by traditional building methods. No matter how complex or diverse your building plans, General Steel can design a high-quality steel building to suit your needs.

Affordable Construction for Non-Profits

The popularity of steel institutional structures grows daily nationwide. Organizations like yours, institutional associations that are often public and non-profit, are feeling enormous pressure to adhere to stringent standards and at the same time accommodate a budget based on shrinking sources of funding.

A need for more efficient and affordable construction means more and more service-oriented groups like yours are building steel structures. General Steel has become one of the top suppliers in the country by offering a premium, low-maintenance product at a competitive price.

Long Term Maintenance

The cost of long-term maintenance and repair that’s often associated with conventionally constructed buildings can be prohibitive. General Steel’s buildings are produced using high-quality steel that adheres to the industry’s most stringent technical specifications. General Steel’s institutional buildings are resistant to the elements keeping untimely repair issues due to weather at a minimum. General Steel institutional buildings are engineered to meet your individual requirements and adhere to your local building codes. All buildings are engineered-certified for your particular area, so you can rest assured knowing that your building is designed to handle the seasonal weather conditions and regulations specific to your location.

General Steel Building Solutions

If future expansion of your building is likely then a General Steel building is your solution. Once your organization is ready to grow, a prefabricated building from General Steel is ready to expand with it. A metal building from General Steel can be easily and efficiently expanded to suit your changing needs and is designed to coordinate with structures you may already have. Your community center may need more seating space or your fire department may need to accommodate a new engine. Additional building space is easy, because General Steel buildings are designed with expansion, and your budget, in mind.

Your organization is a key fixture in your community. The services you provide and the location of your facilities are critical to the people who use them. While aesthetics may not be a primary concern, there is inherent value in creating a structure for your organization that is attractive and inviting. Complimenting the architectural integrity and style of your community with your steel building is important. General Steel understands this concern. We can accommodate enhancements to your steel building such as decorative brick, stucco, stone and glass panels to provide a bright, clean, and attractive appearance.

To research further, start by clicking on the link below. There you can explore even more advantages for investing in a steel building from General Steel for your organization. If you have questions or are ready to get your new facility started then call General Steel. Our experienced representatives can help you create the building that will meet or exceed all of your expectations.

Advantages of Steel Buildings for Government Use

When constructing a new institutional building, you want a high-quality building that will give you years of service. General Steel buildings are used by thousands of organizations throughout the world. If you want a high-quality steel building from a company you can trust, look no further than General Steel.

Government Projects

General Steel has provided institutional steel buildings to be used as police stations and firehouses among many others. In fact, we receive numerous calls for new fire houses every month and our team has had the pleasure of designing buildings for firemen throughout the United States.

Custom Designed Facilities

Whether it’s the Federal Government or local municipalities, every government project is different and needs a custom design. At General Steel we have been lucky enough to design and provide a range of institutional buildings including two separate buildings to the White House and numerous local fire stations. That range clearly demonstrates our team’s versatility in designing buildings for government use. However, since fire stations are our most popular type of government building, below are four example fire stations that our team has recently worked on for you to get ideas for your upcoming project.

If you see a floor plan below that is exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will design your new building with that floor plan in mind.

However if you don’t see your perfect plan, let our design experts go to work for you and come up with a perfect space for your needs.

Fire Station Example Floor Plans

Fire Department 1

Fire Department 1

Fire Department 2

Fire Department 2

Fire Department 3

Fire Department 3

Fire Department 4

Fire Department 4

Government Buildings for Municipalities

Whether you’re looking to construct a new library or a new fire station for your community, and regardless if funds are coming from public or private sources, choosing and building a new facility can be an arduous process. A steel institutional building from General Steel can simplify this process and save you money as well.

Advantages Governments Can Gain with Our Buildings

General Steel Brand Advantages


General Steel buildings are incredibly resistant to the elements including fire. Check with your insurance agent about premium savings when you build with steel. General Steel buildings are also resistant to weather elements and pests. All General Steel building types are designed to meet or surpass your local building codes. General Steel institutional buildings simply last longer and require less maintenance than many other types of traditional buildings thus saving you time and money.


General Steel offers many combinations of decorative brick, stone, and stucco panels that will enhance the appearance of your building. Such options allow you not only to meet your local zoning requirements, but these additional features can help your new building to fit aesthetically into the community that you serve.


General Steel’s pre-engineered buildings are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory. They are designed to be erected quickly. Using General Steel’s steel building system can help you get your project going and completed faster.


General Steel uses only high-grade steel. We provide straight walls and tight connections, for increased durability in all of our buildings. Simply put General Steel’s buildings are designed to be more efficient and provide lower maintenance service costs than many other conventional institutional structures.


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