Providing Buildings for Youth Sports

The growing popularity of  athletics and expansion of major and minor league sports teams demands functional and all-purpose indoor sports facilities. Sports facilities are unique because they must accommodate in most cases many different sport activities and a custom designed General Steel building is the perfect solution.  If you’re an investor building a new athletic complex, or if you represent a community coming together to fund a new sports facility, General Steel can provide the steel sports building to fulfill your needs and stay within your budget.

Building with a Budget

A primary concern for your project is cost, whether you are planning a publicly funded facility for your community or pursuing a private venture. By investing in a prefabricated metal building kit from General Steel you will save on upfront construction costs. A steel building from General Steel is specifically designed to be durable and efficient, saving you money on costly maintenance and energy bills. Not to mention, pre-engineered buildings from can be erected at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction methods.

Why General Steel?

A primary reason why General Steel is becoming the structure of choice among sports arena developers nationwide is our brand quality. Steel sports arenas from General Steel are produced using only high-quality steel that adheres to the industry’s most stringent technical specifications.

General Steel’s sports arenas resist the elements, making them the ideal choice for protecting your investment, while still providing the best venue possible for fans and players.


Your sports arena can be used as a multi-purpose facility, hosting a soccer tournament one night and a hockey game the next day or you can opt for a more tailored steel facility like the Denver Broncos. General Steel metal sports facilities provide the flexibility and functionality to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your facility and address the needs of your patrons. General Steel buildings also conform to or exceed specifications that are demanded by local building codes and federal regulations.

Whatever your sports arena demands may be, General Steel can offer cost effective, efficient, and flexible steel building for your needs.

The Advantage of Quality Construction

General Steel’s steel sports arenas utilize high quality cold-formed steel and the building may be designed in virtually any configuration. This versatility in our product can give you the ability to accommodate seating for hundreds or thousands of spectators. General Steel’s sports arenas feature column-free interior construction with clear-span playing areas and spectator space as vast as 300 feet in width, potentially allowing your sports facility to play host to any athletic event.

Take a moment to review some of the advantages of  a steel sports arena from General Steel. We understand that building sports arenas is a serious business and since this building will likely be in use for many years, it makes sense to choose a high-quality building from a company that you can rely on. If you want a quality building from a company you can trust, look no further than General Steel and our 50 year warranty.

Buildings Perfect for Sports Events

Sports facilities are fast becoming popular and profitable ventures for entrepreneurs and investors alike. As America’s appetite for sporting events grows you may be thinking of a structure that can profitably and comfortably promote your venue. You need a facility that will attract spectators and be functional enough to host any number of activities. You also need the arena to be built quickly and provide for low maintenance costs. General Steel is an industry leader in providing low cost steel sports arenas worldwide for any team or individual competition.

General Steel has become a leader in the pre-engineered steel building industry, and can help you create the steel sports arena you need and at the price you can afford.

The Advantages of Steel Sports Buildings

General Steel Brand Advantages


Your steel sports arena from General Steel can host any number of activities because it can easily accommodate clear span construction allowing for wide, obstacle-free spaces. This means that General Steel sports arenas are perfect for indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, and just about any other sporting event.


When you choose a steel building from General Steel, you can also customize the exterior of your facility with stucco, rock, and brick products. Our buildings can accommodate any number of premium component options.


General Steel only uses high-grade steel which provides straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability. General Steel’s buildings are designed to last and provide years of low-maintenance service. Your sports arena will be durable enough to allow for many years of operation.


General Steel buildings are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory, meaning they are erected at your site fast and easily. By choosing a steel arena from General Steel, you can have your project completed quickly. With speedy construction, you can begin hosting events, attracting fans and earning profits quicker than with more conventional construction processes.


Constructing a new sports arena is a sizeable monetary investment. General Steel can help you make the most of your budgeted funds. General Steel buildings have been designed to make projects simple and affordable. General Steel’s building system can save you time and money compared to the construction costs of similar buildings designed using conventional construction methods and materials.