A metal building is no doubt one of the biggest purchases an individual or business owner will ever make. Thorough due diligence and research should be conducted prior to purchasing a building from any company, which is why our team is committed to best informing our customers whether they decided to purchase a General Steel building or not. To get you started in the right direction, we have outlined the most effective purchase decision steps below.

Building Evaluation: Step 1

Pitfalls to Avoid

Healthy competition is always best for the consumer, but if you plan to gather numerous quotes for your project the biggest pitfall to avoid usually lies in the details of the lowest priced building. If your building has been estimated using incorrect codes and loads resulting in the lowest possible price, you will likely experience change orders in the future or even worse a building not suitable for your locale. Change orders can quickly derail a project from its original budget and typically the lowest priced building contains ample room for future change orders.

Get an Expert’s Opinion

General Steel’s price match program was created to help our customers avoid an incorrectly estimated building. It’s simple, just send us the other quotes you have received and our tech department will perform a free apples to apples quote comparison. General Steel will never be undersold, but if you decide to go with another supplier at least you will know with certainty that your building is properly designed for your area and use.

Quote Comparison 40%

Ratings: Step 2

The Better Business Bureau

The BBB collects and provides ratings for over 4 million businesses and the steel buildings industry is no exception. Acting as an intermediary, the BBB processes disputes between consumers and steel building companies then publishes a rating for the business reflecting its ability to reach mutual resolutions. This step in the purchase decision process is extremely easy and revealing, if the company’s rating isn’t displayed on their website just search for the company by name accompanied with BBB rating and you should be able to find the company’s rating.

Better Business Bureau 50%

Reviews: Step 3

Finding Reliable Reviews

Finding reliable reviews on the internet can by tricky in any industry because often there are numerous websites posing as reliable third party review sources that are actually websites operated by competing companies in the industry.

Third Party Review Collection

General Steel works with two third party review collection services, Shopper Approved and Consumer Affairs. These two websites independently verify reviews written by real customers who have dealt with General Steel and publish the reviews on their websites. We have taken this step in order to hopefully help consumers decipher fraudulently created reviews about our company from real customer experiences with General Steel.

Independent Reviews 60%

Company History: Step 4

Who Are You Working With?

The internet has made it easy for companies to look reliable, but the most reliable facts are often how long a company has been in business and where they operate. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has the company been in business under the same name?
  • Do they operate in Florida where there are no consumer protection laws?
  • How many buildings has the company supplied?
  • Has the company performed any work for large corporations and businesses?
Company History 75%

Show Buildings: Step 5

Go Check Out Their Work

You can get a basic feel for the quality of a steel building company’s work by viewing their online photo galleries, but there is no substitute for seeing a building in person. Ask your company if they have any buildings nearby that you can drive by and look at. By doing so you can assure yourself that they have designed a building for use in your location and see how it is holding up.

Show Buildings 90%

Testimonials: Step 6


Testimonials used in tandem with reviews from reliable third party collection services can also be helpful in determining which company should supply your steel building. If the testimonials on a company’s website seem to be in line with what is being said about the company in third party verified reviews, then the testimonials should further convince you who is the best choice for your project.

Testimonials 100%