Steel Buildings are Sustainable

What May Be in Your Prefab Building

Steel is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for the economy. Steel recycling helps cut costs during the production phase, but also reduces the amount of raw resources we would otherwise have to collect to create the steel goods we require. Steel buildings themselves may contain recycled contents from a variety of sources – let’s examine what sort of common items whose re-use may have a hand in steel buildings.

Automobile Lift in Steel Building

Household Appliances

Another source of steel recycling can be found throughout the average American household. From the TV in your living room to the fridge in the kitchen, steel can be found in a useful quantities in almost every home appliance. Similar to the automobile, the average home appliance is comprised of 60% steel. Steel is a choice material for operating parts – its durability and toughness helps elongate the average appliance’s lifespan to around 15 years!

With a typical recycling rate of around 90%, steel helps keep your unwanted appliances in the circle of use and out of the landfill. Innovation and technological advancement serve to increase the energy efficiency of an appliance during use, while recycling ensures that we reduce resource and energy consumption to produce new machines.

Steel Containers are Made of Corrugated Metal
How Steel is Manufactured
The Foundation of Many Structures

Outside of the home, substantial amounts of steel can be found in structures such as bridges, train tracks, monuments, and commercial buildings. In commercial structures, steel is commonly used in support and roofing materials. Skyscrapers, warehouses, and even famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge all contain steel that can be repurposed and could eventually take shape as your brand new metal building!

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