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The Winter Olympics are an interesting phenomenon; some of the world’s most gifted athletes, whose names are mostly unrecognizable to the general public, competing in events just as unfamiliar, are able to capture the attention and spirit of the entire world. Whether the popularity of the event is due to tradition, national pride or the elite skills of the competitors, its influence on the public is well-documented.

Steel Ice Center InteriorThe 1960 Winter Olympic Games were the first of its kind to be televised to an American audience. That newfound exposure to winter sports led to a boom in the construction of ice facilities across the country. That trend continues even more than 50 years later as winter sports participation consistently increases at the conclusion of each Winter Games. The next games are still a couple of years away in 2018, but as many ice facility owners can attest, an ice rink is an investment that should be handled with a professional attention to detail. That means planning should start now if it hasn’t already.

Evaluating Whether or Not You Should Build an Ice Center

There are several factors to consider when thinking about how to build an ice rink: On a macro level, where are you geographically located and how does that relate to winter and ice sports? On a micro level, will your ice facility be located close enough to high population centers? What types of services will your facility offer? And of course, those questions are just scratching the surface when it comes to the high-level details required to start a successful ice center.

Overhead View of a Steel Building Ice Facility

But let’s assume you’ve gathered enough capital to fund the operation, you’ve found your dream location and you’re ready to start building the facility. You need a high-quality structure that can be constructed quickly and at an affordable price. Your best bet to meet those standards is a steel ice center. Steel buildings are becoming the modern choice for recreational facilities, including ice centers, because of their versatility and longevity.

Here are a few more reasons a metal building is the wise choice.

Example Ice Rink Floor Plans

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Example Ice Rink Floor Plan
Example Ice Hockey Rink Floor Plan

Start Planning Today

Starting an ice center business can be stressful, and it takes business savvy and precise planning to properly execute. Choosing the right building should be one of the easy choices as a steel ice rink offers too many advantages to ignore. As the next Winter Olympic Games approach and hockey continues to rise in popularity in the United States, consider getting started on your facility now. You’ll be ready to go when the next generation of skaters is ready to hit the ice.

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