Rising E-Commerce Demands Distribution Space

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect for Distribution Centers

Unless your company is large enough to secure a large contract, most distribution center companies do not just store the goods or “wares” of one company. Therefore, you need to provide a distribution center that can provide ample space for numerous wares like auto and bike parts for local businesses, as well as room for a potentially larger company like a national furniture store.

Clear Span Distribution Center Design

Why Steel Makes Sense for Distribution Centers

Building Features

Our brand of steel building is the highest quality pre-engineered metal building available in the market today – learn more here about each piece that will go into your distribution center.

Metal Building Framing Details

Pre-Engineered Advantages

Whatever type of building you need, there are four major advantages to using a pre-engineered building for your distribution center – read more about each here!

Pre Engineered Advantages
The Velocity of Erecting Steel Buildings

Depending on complexity and width, most steel distribution center designs can be erected at a rate of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet per day. This means that barring any unforeseen circumstances, the average crew can construct the wall columns, wall sheeting, interior support columns and roof sheeting of a 10,000-square foot warehouse facility in about 10 days. This makes a pre-engineered steel building the perfect product to start a new distribution center in your area quickly and offer a space as impressive as the warehouse in Clare, MI featured in the photos above and details below.

Northern Logistics Distribution Center

Steel Building Details

This distribution center features multiple 14′ roll up doors and horizontal windows for natural interior light.

Walls Ash Gray
Trim Burnished Slate
Building Size 90 x 175 x 18
Building Use Distribution Center

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