Our Top Hurricane Steel Building Structures

General Steel buildings that endured powerful hurricanes.

Making sure your prefab metal building is engineered properly for hurricane season should be top-of-mind for many of our customers. There are simply too many companies who will claim to sell you a reliable hurricane-rate steel building structure, but the reality is, the building is under-engineered for the wind speeds in your locale.

We wanted to highlight three specific hurricane building survivor stories for those of you who plan on pursuing a construction project in regions of the United States such as the southeast, northeast or even Texas. In fact, according to Jim Elsner at the National Typhoon Center, it’s becoming increasingly more important to be mindful of hurricanes in the United States.

  • We’re seeing fewer hurricanes, but the ones we do see are more intense, Elsner said.

In other words, it’s more imperative than ever to buy your metal building from a dependable and reputable company. Here’s three steel building structure reviews that prove General Steel buildings are second to none when it comes to enduring hurricanes.

Project Review: Hurricane Katrina

Over a decade later our building is still standing strong.

It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated so many Gulf Coast communities, taking more than 1,000 lives and causing billions of dollars in damage. Among the most affected areas was Mississippi, where entire communities were washed out by the most destructive hurricane in American history.

Catching Up with Terry

Hurricane rated and General Steel strong.

Ten years ago, we heard from Terry Mosteller, a small business owner in Lumberton, Mississippi. Terry’s business was housed in a General Steel building, a structure rated for 88 mph winds that was delivered and built in 2003. As Terry told us during an interview in 2005, her General Steel building was able to withstand the intense 125 mph winds of the catastrophic hurricane that is commonly recognized as the strongest storm in US history. Terry chose to have a metal building kit built with high quality steel and iron, designed specifically for the geological and meteorological impacts of her region and she didn’t settle for anything less than General Steel.

Terry’s Building and Testimonial

125 mph winds sustained for 8 hours.

Size40x60x12 (2:12)
Roof ColorGalvalume
Wall ColorShell White
Trim ColorRegal White
LocationLumberton, MS
How’s the Steel Structure Today?

As strong as ever!

For the 10-year anniversary of the storm we checked in to see how the building is standing. We were pleased and proud to find out her General Steel building remains fully intact and functional: a testament to the durability and quality of a well-designed steel building.

Terry’s foresight and confidence in General Steel were the difference between a thriving business and a life-altering setback. Her story only enhances our passionate approach to providing the highest quality buildings in the industry.

Project Review: Hurricane Sandy

A success story on many levels.

Hurricane Sandy was declared a category 1 tropical storm as it approached the east coast but was reclassified as a category 2 hurricane as it made landfall. This storm in particular showed all of us that even a category 1 or 2 storm can cause significant damage.

Designing Steel Structures Capable of Withstanding Hurricanes

From pre-construction services through the completion of construction

Albert originally purchased our church design package to conduct due diligence and raise the appropriate amount of funding for his synagogue project in New York. Looking back, it’s a good thing our team at General Steel was asked to oversee the entire process because we made sure the building was engineered for his location and designed according to Albert’s vision. When Sandy hit New York, Albert’s General Steel building was up for the challenge.

  • We wanted strength and Sandy’s 90 mph gusts proved that we had it. We wanted a mezzanine with concrete floors and we got that too. We wanted to celebrate in unobstructed spaces and your design team made happen. We wanted a soaring sanctuary to add dignity and reverence and we got that too. We wanted beauty and it turned out just heavenly!

Young Israel, NJ

Withstood Sandy’s 90 mph winds.

Young Israel
Size39x89x24 (2:12)
Roof ColorBrownstone
Wall ColorStucco
Trim ColorBrownstone
LocationFort Lee, NJ
Project CoordinatorLuke Boddy

Other Hurricane Building Stories

More reasons to choose General Steel.

Our customer service team is continuously conducting project reviews in order to better understand how our customers are using their General Steel buildings. In the course of these reviews, we discovered additional projects that may be of interest to those considering a building project in a hurricane zone.

University of Central Florida

We plan for even the unlikeliest of storms.

The University of Central Florida called General Steel shortly after Hurricane Charley shocked Orlando and Winter Park. Hurricane force winds are not a common occurrence in central Florida, but UCF knew our team would make sure the building was ready for even an unlikely storm.

UCF Indoor Football Field Project Review
200x400x35 (3:12)
Orlando, FL
Indoor Football Field

North Carolina

Not one, but two hurricanes.

Johnny’s 30×50 garage in Hoboken, NC inspires many of our customers pursuing a metal garage building project. Its simplicity and bold colors may catch your eye at first, but that’s not what makes this building one of our favorites. It’s endured two hurricanes in consecutive years without any sign of damage; don’t miss this hurricane building story.

30x50 Survived Two Hurricanes in NC
30x50x16 (1:12)
Hoboken, NC
Metal Garages in NC
Our Top Hurricane Steel Building Structures
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Our Top Hurricane Steel Building Structures
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