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Over the past two decades our team has designed and delivered thousands of steel buildings. More importantly, there’s a scenario behind every one of these projects in need of an effective solution. Each success story begins during the initial phone call with one of our team members and continues on to this day because we listen to the specific needs of our customers and plan every project individually. It’s easy to say we have the most experienced team in the industry, but what does that really mean?

To us, our experience not only delivers your building on-time and on-budget, we aim to provide long term solutions. Our goal is to not only remedy your immediate need for more space, but to also equip you with a building that will continue to serve your needs for many years to come. Your building should not only surpass your expectations when it comes to quality, it should always be your dream garage or workshop, continue to be a catalyst in the expansion of your business or an instrument in the growth of your congregation. This is why our team at General Steel reviews our past projects.

Long Term Solutions and Buildings That Last for Generations

We understand the needs of our customers today and what they may need the future.

We assembled a team to interview our customers and thoroughly review our past projects. The purpose is to better understand how our customers are using their General Steel buildings so we can better serve our future customers. Not to mention, the stories behind these featured projects should help you decide which steel building company to choose if you’re considering a metal building project of your own.

Revisiting Our Projects

Each story offers something valuable.

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Success Stories
  • General Steel Project Reviews: Wyoming Whiskey
    Wyoming Whiskey
    This unique project in Wyoming changed the landscape and the economy for the residents of Kirby.
  • General Steel Project Reviews: UCF Field House
    UCF Football
    UCF has produced numerous NFL stars, learn more about the General Steel building the team uses for its practices.
  • General Steel Whirlwind Buildings
    Hurricane Buildings
    It's becoming increasingly more important to make sure your building is engineered for hurricane season if you live in certain regions. Find out why.
  • General Steel Project Reviews: Nutrigo Mexico
    Nutrigo Mexico
    You're most likely familiar with many of the products Nutrigo manufactures in one of the largest buildings we've ever supplied.
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  • General Steel Project Reviews: Raccoon Creek
    Raccoon Creek
    Raccoon Creek Golf Course turned their old pole barn into a wedding venue and built a General Steel cart barn.
    Coming Soon
  • General Steel Project Reviews: Ken Caryl Water Disrict
    Ken Caryl Water
    Built on an uneven surface, learn how our team partnered with our neighbors for this educational project.
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  • General Steel Project Reviews: Frontier Mechanical
    Frontier Mechanical
    Colorado's leading commercial heating and air conditioning company has gained competitive advantages with their buildings.
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  • General Steel Project Reviews: Master Electrical Contractors
    Master Electrical Contractors purchased their General Steel building as a home base for their business over two decades ago.
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  • Betty's Garage
    Betty has become one of our most well known brand advocates after we designed and supplied her family's dream garage.
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Better Buildings + More Experience = Successful Projects

It’s a simple equation we’ve followed for over two decades.

The General Steel community offers valuable insight from every type of project. Whether you’re planning a project as a private individual, business, church or organization, we encourage you to explore all of the project reviews and follow along as we ask our customers these questions about their projects.

  • How did General Steel help your business, organization, or church expand and succeed long term?
  • Did our building play a key role in a blossoming congregation?
  • Was it truly the dream space you’ve been saving up for?

We asked these questions and our customers answered. Each project review speaks for itself.

Do Our Customers Become Brand Advocates?

More reviews about General Steel.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and work with a number of other third party review services. Each of the additional review collection services below is monitored independently. Verified buyers are important when it comes to reliable reviews.

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Don’t forget about our testimonials, these notes from our customers show how our company gives back and also represent the service you can expect from our team at General Steel.

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General Steel Project Reviews
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Our customer service team at General Steel continuously conducts follow up project reviews with customers years after our building was delivered to see if we delivered a truly successful solution.
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