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Did you know one of General Steel’s contractors provided construction services for our building at the White House? General Steel is the metal building supplier of choice for many of the largest companies in the United States including Boeing, Dow Chemical, General Motors and NASA.

Learn more below about how your company can be a part of these exciting projects.

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Have you been searching for new projects to grow your bottom line? General Steel’s construction services division is growing rapidly every month and since our territories are limited by availability you need to act now before your competitors do.

Take a moment and explore how your company can work together with America’s number one pre-engineered buildings company and how you can join the most successful general contractor network in the industry.

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Why Work with General Steel?

General Steel’s name is the most respected and recognizable brand in the steel buildings industry. As a result, our robust advertising campaigns are generating pre-qualified construction project inquiries near you and we need your help!

Do We Mark Up Your Services?

Although we do arrange a meeting with our customers who require your company’s construction services, General Steel will not increase the cost of any services that your company supplies. Therefore you can continue to quote your services at your typical cost.

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Why Steel Buildings Are Growing in Popularity

The steel building market is alive and well throughout the world. Whether a consumer is in the market for a new building or an expansion of an old one, steel buildings are typically the first choice for savvy buyers who want a building that will last for generations. Here’s why consumers are considering steel for a new construction or expansion.

Steel Buildings Are One of the Fastest Growing Markets

Steel buildings are one of the fastest growing sectors in construction. Since steel can be made and shipped year round, it’s an easy to get and use this material in construction. Steel can also be imported from around the world, so even when there’s a shortage in one area, it can be easily fixed by importing from elsewhere. Although General Steel uses only American made steel, when other companies importing it increases the overall supply, this makes it more affordable for the average consumer. All in all, steel is cheaper, quicker to erect, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Bidding Out Projects

When taking bids from different companies on a new project, consumers can get a wide range of answers leaving them scratching their heads. The great thing about steel buildings from General Steel is that once a consumer signs, they’re guaranteed the price of steel for 90 days. This can save consumers a great deal of money on material costs if it is timed just right and the company has the buying power like General Steel to provide the best price. This can’t be said for most other building types and construction methods on the market.

Fast Affordable Construction

Steel buildings are also easily to erect, meaning you save time and money on labor costs. While delays can occur, they’re easier to deal with than with other methods. Steel buildings can be erected in no time, making them a great way to save money on an overall building project and possibly add to your bottom line.

Advice to Consumers

Many contractors will offer up other building types and methods, other than steel, because they know that steel will make their cut of the job smaller. If you’re talking to contractors and they’re not offering pre-engineered steel as a solution, ask about it. If they’re reputable and work with the General, they’ll have no issues providing steel buildings as an option.