Custom Church Building Designs

Over the past two decades we have been privileged to be a part of helping church congregations throughout the United States and even in Africa expand and provide a place for their communities to thrive.

Churches come to General Steel because of our team’s experience. As you will see in the floor plans below, our team makes the most efficient use of the space your church can currently afford to build.

If you like something you see in the plans, our team can start from there but don’t forget, we understand every congregation’s needs are different and our space planners can design the perfect space for your growing church.

Example Church Building Designs

Click the images below to view how other churches have utilized the space that a General Steel building provides and contact us when you are ready to receive your FREE quote.


38×90 Church


45×90 Church

50x60 & 50x100

50×60 & 50×100 Church


50×70 Church

50x80 Church

50×80 Church

50x100 Church

50×100 Church

50x120 Church Classrooms

50×120 Church

60x75 Church

60×75 Church

60x80 Church Office

60×80 Church

60x80 Church with Carport

60×80 Church & Carport

60x80 Church

60×80 Church

60x98 Church

60×98 Church

60x120 Church

60×120 Church

70x100 Church

70×100 Church

70x150 Church

70×150 Church

70x164 Church

70×164 Church

80x85 Church

80×85 Church

90x85 Church

90×85 Church

90x95 Church

90×95 Church

90x130 Church

90×130 Church

100x100 Church

100×100 Church

100x120 Church

100×120 Church

100x125 Church Nursery

100×125 Church Nursery

100x150 Church

100×150 Church

112x176 Church

112×176 Church

120x80 Church

120×80 Church

120x98 Church

120×98 Church

120x140 Church

120×140 Church

120x160 Church

120×160 Church

150x100 Church

150×100 Church

155x103 Church

155×103 Church

160x200 Church

160×200 Church

170x184 Church

170×184 Church

187x110 Church

187×110 Church

200x260 Church

200×260 Church

220x220 Church

220×220 Church