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GenStone Steel Building Exteriors

When you decide to build a General Steel building you can easily personalize it with numerous accessories as well as your choice of panel and trim colors.

Components such as doors and windows alongside the color combination you choose will distinguish your building from other structures, but what if you want to take the aesthetic appeal of your building even more?

Engineered for Metal Building Applications

We understand that for some customers the traditional look of a metal building does not fit the landscape or sometimes even some municipal requirements. Therefore, we developed a way to give your steel building the look of stone, rock or brick for a fraction of the cost.

GenStone is the only faux stone paneling system designed specifically with pre-engineered steel buildings in mind. GenStone panels can be applied to your steel building easily and give your building’s exterior wainscot or even an entire wall the look of stone, rock or brick.

Steel Buildings with GenStone Siding

If you want to upgrade the exterior look and curb appeal of your new or existing steel building, GenStone is the perfect and affordable way to get the look of stone, rock or brick while saving thousands over traditional masonry methods. Not to mention, most GenStone improvement projects can be completed quickly and by anyone with basic carpentry skills.

Engineering the Labor Out

With GenStone there’s no need for the expensive labor of a mason. Traditional rock and stone applications require skilled labor but through rigorous development GenStone has engineered the labor out of installing its panels.

In fact, the GenStone pre-engineered panel system was designed for do-it-yourself people just like you who want the look of stone quickly and easily. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can install and complete a GenStone project in one day or less.

Maintenance and Durability

GenStone uses a proprietary finish which inhibits degradation. Similar to steel buildings, GenStone requires very little maintenance in order to maintain its original appearance.

Under most conditions a simple hose down with a garden hose or power washer will knock any dirt and grime off of the stone wall.

Pillars Application

Steel Building ColumnsIf you have a lean to, carport or columns on your steel building, be sure to ask about the GenStone pillar kit. It’s just as simple to install as the GenStone wall application and comes in all of the color varieties shown above.

This unique application will allow you to dress up and improve the curb appeal of your building by giving your columns the look of stone for a fraction of the cost. There’s no need for a mason or skilled labor.

Each kits comes with the pre-engineered panel system to enclose your columns and can be installed yourself or by your General Steel contractor from the box to the pillar in minutes!

More on Improving Your Steel Building with GenStone

Developers throughout America who have used metal buildings to create appealing storefront retail buildings are starting to realize that in order to compete with big box stores and other local favorites, they have to revitalize the way it looks. GenStone provides a great opportunity to improve the curb appeal of your building quickly and easily and is becoming a popular alternative in these revitalization projects. GenStone is specially designed for metal buildings and is cheaper, more flexible and can be used in a variety of ways for a storefront to make it look and feel new. Let’s look at how GenStone can improve the look of your retail development.

What you need to know about GenStone for metal buildings:

  • It’s cheaper than real stone
  • It’s lighter than real stone
  • It looks just like real stone
  • It was engineered for metal buildings
  • It comes in a variety colors and styles
  • Can be used from a wainscot to a full wall
  • It was designed with DIY owners in mind
  • No mason is necessary
  • Adds insulation value to metal buildings

Save When You Build and Improve

When you own a storefront building, regardless of business type, you’re always looking for ways to save money on expenses to keep your bottom line in the black. Chances are that when you bought your metal building, you did so because you saved compared to the cost of traditional construction. Similarly, when it comes to an improvement or revitalization project, you’re going to have to put out some big bucks to make a difference but there are innovative ways to save. That’s where GenStone over real stone can be a way to save money without compromising on quality and an authentic stone look.

Customized Buildings with Unique Accents

Faux Stone can be used as an accessory in a handful of ways on the interior and exterior of the building to make a visual difference to you customers and how you sell items or services. On the exterior, faux stone can be used to improve the look of the metal sidewalls of the building or create a frame around your doors for welcoming people into your building. On the interior, it can be used on the walls throughout the building to lead people in certain directions or as accents in different areas.

Have General Steel Price GenStone

If you’re looking for a way to revitalize or improve your new or existing steel building without spending too much in the process, turn towards alternatives such as GenStone through General Steel to get the job done economically. As we’ve discussed, you can make a difference in the look and feel of your building that your customers will appreciate, your employees will enjoy and that will drive business into your retail development.

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