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United States

General Steel’s industry leading network construction professionals has expanded every year since 1995 in order to reach every local market throughout the United States. This network has become one of our strongest competitive advantages and has established General Steel as a full service construction company rather than just an ordinary steel building supplier.

Construction services for General Steel metal buildings is available nationally

General Steel’s Growing Contractor Network


General Steel offers its customers in Canada the most comprehensive line of pre-engineered metal building systems and services in the industry. General Steel is truly a company that can offer you the solutions you need in Canada to guide you through a successful project from inception through completion of your construction project.

General Steel has an expansive network of contractors throughout Canada as well

Our contractor network is rapidly expanding throughout Canada, iff you are located in any of the 10 Canadian provinces, please click the link below to price a building and contractor services.


Available Services

Your local General Steel contractor is ready and available to meet with you at your site and provide you with an estimate for any or all of the following construction services:

  • Concrete Work
  • Building Erection
  • Turnkey Services
Simply let your project consultant know that you need assistance with all or part of the construction of your steel building or complete our building and contractor quote form by clicking on your state below.

Meeting Face to Face

The team at General Steel continues to strive to meet our needs in every project. I have found that being able to meet face to face with a builder in General Steel’s network has been key the success of our projects. General Steel goes the extra mile in every project. I believe that General Steel buildings are far superior to any other building on the market, the I-beam rafters and red iron engineering along with great service is what really sets General Steel apart.

Chuck C. ~ 15 Years Working with General Steel

Who Are Our Contractors?

Hiring a contractor is a serious decision and you should only trust a company with a proven track record of success. When you choose to work with General Steel you will gain peace of mind in our company’s track record and can rest assured that the contractor we refer to you has been evaluated extensively.

Approval Standards
Extensive Background Check
Minimum 3-5 Years of Business Ownership
Extensive Construction Background
Built Local to the Area
Financially Capable
Capable of Completing Your Project
Under Continuous Evaluation by General Steel

Now or in the Future

Whether you need a contractor’s assistance on an upcoming steel building project or require some help with an existing General Steel building, our contractor network is always available to all General Steel customers now or in future.