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There are two ways to erect a steel building: Do-it-yourself or hire a contractor to do it. The latter can cost more but you want to make sure it is done right the first time. Depending on the time of year, the type of building and permits required, the total cost of erecting a steel building can add up. However, by doing it yourself, you not only get to put your own skills to use, you can save money and potentially time for smaller buildings. If you opt to do it yourself, a steel building kit can save you time and money.

Steel Building Kits

A steel building kit comes with everything you need to erect your building. This includes materials, instructions and all the support you need from General Steel. Depending on the size and scope of the building, a steel building kit may be something you can do yourself. If not, you can hire one of General Steel’s experienced local contractors to erect your metal building quickly and affordably. It’s important to look at your overall project and see what route to go. For some, doing it yourself will save you money; for others, having a contractor do it is the best way to save yourself the headache of something going wrong.

Plan Your Project

It’s important that before you begin the project, you sit down with your team and find out if you truly can accomplish your goals by yourself or if you need to hire a contractor to get the job done right. Smaller steel buildings can be easy to erect yourself or with the help of family and friends and your project coordinator at General Steel can help you determine what you can do and what one of our contractors should handle.

Our Buildings Are Flexible

While the term “steel building kit” can make it sound like they are only meant for smaller buildings, in actuality it’s just another name for a pre-engineered steel building. Large or small steel buildings come as a kit which makes them much easier to construct than starting from scratch with wood. If you’re looking to do-it-yourself, a steel building kit can get you started and get your steel building up in no time with a little bit of elbow grease.


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