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New Zealand recently broke ground on its first pre-fabricated steel court building. This steel court building is one of the first of its kind. Most courthouses across the world are built with concrete, utilizing more traditional construction methods that fits into the framework of similar types of buildings used for the government. If completed on schedule, this steel courthouse will open between June 17 and June 19, 2015.

Pre-Fabricated Steel Courthouse Building

This pre-fabricated steel courthouse is one of the first of its kinds across the world. It’s completely pre-fabricated, built with steel similar to modular homes with courtrooms, meeting rooms and other areas you’d find in a typical courthouse constructed and put together on-site. The last court case in the district will be held June 11, 2015, before moving into the new courthouse once it’s open to the public.

The Versatility of Steel Buildings

That’s one of the most amazing things about steel. It really can be used for any building type when designed and built right. Whether you’re looking to replace old, downtrodden buildings in your city or go with something more traditional like warehouses or gymnasiums, steel can be used in a variety of ways that can replace more familiar building types.

Courthouses, like any other government building, can be built from the ground up with steel for cheaper and much quicker. As small towns realize they can benefit from steel, they’ll turn to steel buildings as a way to save taxpayers money and get the perfect government building they need. Taxpayers will appreciate the benefits of using steel as opposed to more traditional building methods, because it’ll save them money and put taxpayer funds to more efficient uses.

Steel Price Affordability Driving Future Building Growth

Steel is becoming a popular option for buildings you wouldn’t think would normally be built with steel. When you think of a courthouse, you don’t think of steel. That’s changing slowly as New Zealand becomes one of the first countries to use steel this way. As the use of steel becomes more popular, perhaps pre-fabricated steel courthouse buildings will be used elsewhere in the world with more frequency.


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