Warehouse Service Industry is Booming

The warehousing industry has grown substantially over the past decade, which is opening up an opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the immediate large space requirements of business owners. Today, large e-commerce businesses such as Amazon, Netflix and Walmart.com as well as small businesses such as your local auto repair shop, bicycle store and grocery stores are looking to warehousing service companies and their steel buildings to provide space.

2014 has been dubbed “the year of the distribution center” because rent rates have grown 3.8% in the top 54 markets primarily driven by e-commerce companies who have a demand for warehousing services that is greater than the supply. With space demand at its highest level in years, you no longer have to be a warehousing expert to have a lucrative warehouse service business, you just need to have the space that these companies require. Luckily steel buildings are the perfect application for this type of business and these buildings can be erected quickly so you can get your warehouse service business up and running in no time.

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect for Warehouses

Most warehouse service companies do not just store the goods or “wares” of one company unless you are lucky enough to secure a large contract with a company like Restoration Hardware who in early 2014 rented an 850,000 square foot warehouse in Dallas, TX to accommodate its online business. Therefore, you need to provide a warehouse that can provide ample space for numerous wares like auto and bike parts for local businesses as well as room for a potentially larger company like a national furniture store.

Steel buildings are perfect for warehouses because they can be designed to provide up to 300′ of clear span uninterrupted space as well as multiple entry points with roll up doors for numerous companies to access their wares. More uninterrupted space means more rent potential since rents are based on square feet and interior columns can eat away at rentable space quickly. Not to mention that those who are competing for the warehousing needs of companies must make their space available to businesses quickly before they decide to rent another vacant space in your area. This is when the velocity of steel building erection is vital.

The Velocity of Erecting Steel Buildings

Depending on complexity and width, most steel buildings can be erected at a rate 1,000 to 1,500 square feet per day. This means that barring any unforeseen circumstances, the average crew can construct the wall columns, wall sheeting, interior support columns and roof sheeting of a 10,000 square foot warehouse facility in about 10 days. This makes the pre-engineered steel building the perfect product to start a new warehouse business in your area quickly and offer a space as impressive as the warehouse in Clare, MI featured in the photos above and details below.

Northern Logistics Steel Warehouse Building

Northern Logistics developed their General Steel warehouse building in Michigan to provide transportation, supply chain and pallet management services. Although they didn’t need 300′ of clear span space discussed above, their warehouse was perfectly designed to include the details below and provide the space they needed for the industry in which they do business.

Steel Building Details

  • Ash Gray wall panels
  • Burnished Slate trim
  • Multiple 14′ roll up doors
  • Horizontal windows for natural interior light

Project Information

Building Size

90 x 175 x 18


Clare, MI

Building Use


Building Type

Commercial | Warehouse