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October 2016

Why Steel for Southeast

For those residing in the South, the type of building you choose must stand up to heavy rains, floods, & damaging winds. Learn how steel combats severe Southern weather.

August 2016

October 2014

American Steel Products in Demand

Steel is produced across the world. Countries like Egypt, India, Thailand, Australia, and more produce steel throughout the year to keep up with demand. Most years however, production in these countri […]

August 2014

Do You Know This About Steel

NYC Dumpster Steel Being Repurposed for Homeless

New York City homeless are benefiting from a steel repurposing project aimed to bring shelters and temporary homes to people in need. This is […]

July 2014

Can You Tell It’s a Steel Building?

Fostering a good reputation is important for anyone looking to make a name for their business. Reputations make or break a business. The same could be said for steel buildings. When it comes to choosi […]

May 2014

What Are Steel Building Kits

There are two ways to erect a steel building: Do-it-yourself or hire a contractor to do it. The latter can cost more but you want to make sure it is done right the first time. Depending […]

March 2014

How Does Steel Get Its Color

Did you know steel could be colored? We’re not just talking its shiny, grey color off the assembly line. That’s the natural color of steel, for the most part. There are a va […]

January 2014

Red Iron Steel Buildings

Red iron steel, or steel I-Beams, are one of the most popular construction metal types for steel buildings across the globe. Red iron steel is commonly referred […]

November 2013


How to Price Your Building