General Steel Service & Building Awards

We signed up with the Better Business Bureau in order to have a reputable third party monitor, evaluate and report our company’s response to customer complaints. The Better Business Bureau independently evaluates our customer service department’s response to customer issues and General Steel’s customer service has been given an A+ rating by the BBB based on 16 standards.

General Steel has an unprecedentedly low customer complaints track record for any industry. Our customer service department leaves no customer issue or complaint unresolved. The team at General Steel has truly demonstrated its dedication to every project for over two decades. You simply will not find another company who will be more focused on the success of your project.

Customer Satisfaction

At General Steel we settle for nothing less than 100% absolute customer satisfaction alongside the successful completion of every project that comes our way. As a result of this company wide expectation, our brand of steel buildings has come to represent this level of dedication among consumers throughout the United States and even abroad.

Our Reputation and Transparency

Purchasing a pre-engineered building is a big decision and you should have a clear understanding of who you are working with. We welcome our customers to research our company through reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau because we have an unprecedented customer satisfaction record that is unmatched in the steel building industry.

Consider the Source

Our competitors will surely try to steer you their way with false information which is why we encourage our customers to always research using only reputable third party sources. The fact is, no other company in the industry can compete with us when it comes to making your project a true success.

The Most Awarded Brand

General Steel Corporation has been the steel building industry’s leading company and the most consecutively awarded brand since our inception in 1995.

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