General Steel Warranties

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Are All 50 Year Warranties for Steel Buildings Reliable?

What Can You Expect from the Competition?

Consumers are very familiar with warranties and have come to expect brand names to stand behind the product they supply. Steel buildings are no different except for the fact that there are no brands as recognizable and widely relied upon as General Steel.

Therefore, since the competition does not have a brand image to protect they only pass along a one year manufacture’s warranty. There are also other steel building companies who will promise a warranty that is longer than one year, however these warranties are almost useless because they are only as reliable as the business who provides them. In order for your warranty to be reliable, the company must be financially stable and be in business should you ever need to make a claim.

You can rely on General Steel’s warranties described below because our company is debt free and will be thriving for generations to come. Not to mention that when proper attention has been paid to codes and loads in the beginning, General Steel has never had a building fail due to adverse weather conditions. If you’re still not convinced, check out the Hurricane Katrina video here to see for yourself, the General provides the strongest buildings available that are properly loaded for your location.

The Warranties You Will Receive Standard

We stand behind the quality buildings that our brand image represents by providing the longest and most reliable warranties in the industry at no increased cost.

YearsIndustry Leading Warranties
50 YRS


50 year structural warranty no matter location or size

40 YRS


40 year paint warranty

25 YRS

Galvalume Roof

25 year Galvalume roof warranty

20 YRS

Standing Seam Roof

20 year standing seam roof warranty


Why You Can Trust Our Warranties

Here are a few reasons why you can count on the pre-engineered building quality we deliver and our warranties provided.

  • General Steel is a debt free company and has been a thriving business for over two decades. Therefore, unlike many of our competitors, General Steel will be around to honor our warranty should anything ever happen to your building.
  • As the leader in the steel buildings industry, General Steel has remained financially strong and debt free through multiple economic downturns over the past two decades.

  • We supply buildings made of only the highest quality American-made materials. With the proper attention to codes and loads upfront, our team has never lost a building. You can rest assured that your General Steel building will never fail.
  • Our design team does not shortcut on your building’s loads for greater margins, your General Steel building will meet or exceed your local codes for snow, wind and seismic.