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Locking Steel Building Prices

What Affects My Pricing?

Steel is a commodity that behaves similarly to other commodities such as oil. It can be difficult to grasp the concept of steel prices rising and falling because consumers are not as aware of steel price fluctuations as they are with other price changes like oil which changes their gas prices.

Steel prices like oil prices are ultimately influenced by supply and demand. Oil prices can increase because of factors that are reported on your local news like wars, pipeline malfunctions and the summer driving season. On the other hand, steel prices can also react to decreased supply and increased demand but its factors are often not as publicized. Some recent impacts on steel supply include the tsunami that hit Japan, manufacturing facility strikes throughout the world and construction season. All of these occurrences increase the need for steel and as a result the global supply goes down which causes a spike in steel prices.

Buy Smart with General Steel

Since General Steel has been long established as the largest and most recognized pre-engineered building supplier in the United States, we have gained the most buying power in the industry. Steel prices can be volatile because of unforeseen events but when you work with General Steel you gain access to our unmatched buying power. As a result, unlike other steel building companies we pass our buying power along to our customers with our steel price protection program.

How Does it Work?

With a very small deposit you can lock your steel price and let the General’s purchasing power protect you from the volatile steel market for 90 days. Once you lock your steel price you don’t need to worry about change orders you would receive from other steel building companies and we even give you up to 45 days to make adjustments to your building

General Steel’s Price Protection Program

Receive Pricing with a FREE Quote
Pricing is within your project budget
Send a small deposit to lock steel price
General’s buying power locks your price
You have 45 Days to make changes
Take delivery within 90 days to secure price lock

More General Steel Competitive Advantages


We never compromise on General Steel brand quality and your project is too important to settle for anything less than General Steel.


Our metal buildings come standard with the best warranties in the industry including our 50 year structural and 40 year paint warranties.

Local Presence

General Steel is the most widely recognized name in steel buildings. Did you know we have a local contractor presence near you?

Project Coordinators

Your PC is your single point of contact at General Steel Corporate responsible for keeping your project on schedule and on budget.


Our brand has come to represent superior customer service and the highest quality pre-engineered buildings available.

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Building Specials
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View current sale pricing on popular steel building sizes available for a limited time only through General Steel Corporate. Contact our sale buildings department by clicking on the link above.
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The General has the largest local contractor network in the steel building industry offering our customers peace of mind and any range of construction services. Click above to arrange a meeting with one of our approved general contractors near you.
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Steel Buildings
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Our expert design team can provide you with a custom building to meet your needs. Visit our building types page by clicking on the link above to explore and learn more about our most popular types of steel buildings.
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Recent Projects
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Get inspired! Browse through photos of some our most impressive buildings that have recently completed construction and get some ideas for your upcoming project.
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General Steel
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When you choose to work with General Steel, the largest and most experienced steel building company, your project will benefit from numerous advantages not offered by any other company in the industry. Click the link above to learn more about our competitive advantages.
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Our customers are our best advertisement because our team at General Steel strives for 100% customer satisfaction and will stop at nothing to make sure every project is a true success. Click to read what others have to say about their experience with General Steel.
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Design Services
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Still in the planning phase? Our pre-construction services package is the most affordable way to determine the feasibility of your project. Click the link above to learn more about how our team will get your project headed in the right direction.